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    Stylish and Trendy With Fashion Wristwatches

    Earlier, watches were just used as a timekeeping device. But, with the changing time, they have become one of the most preferred fashion accessories. Even though people have mobiles to know the time, they still buy the latest and the trendiest watches. They even match the watches with their other accessories and attires. For instance, if you have a collection of formal suits, you would definitely want to have few formal watches that will match your clothing and help you to make the perfect style statement.

    The best thing is that you have numerous fashion wristwatches options to choose from. Earlier, where the choices and options were limited, you had to compromise on your taste and preference and choose the one which just seemed alright but not perfect. But now, there are various assortments of men watches, ladies watches and even kids watches available in different designs, patterns and colors. You can pick the one which perfectly complements your style and persona.

    When you talk about the wristwatches, they make the ideal gift as well. You can buy a nice one to gift your kid at his/her birthday, for your sister on her marriage or your grandmother on her anniversary. If you explore the options, you can find the perfect ones for people of different age groups. For instance, you can buy a pink color watch for your cute daughter or a blue or purple color one for your son. When it comes to your buying the right watch for your grandmother or sister, you can search the ladies watches section. You can select a trendy and classy one for your sister. She will simply fall in love with it when she opens your gift. For your grandmother, you can choose an elegant piece which will match her age and persona. She will be extremely touched by your loving gesture and will keep your gift all her life.

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    About Keshi Pearls

    They are round, prohibitively expensive, white or cream, or, if you are very lucky, pale pink. Black ones were a myth, weren’t they – the objects of legend but out of the reach of ordinary mortals like myself if they existed at all, a bit like black roses and carnations? Keshi, Biwa, nucleated, non-nucleated, freshwater or saltwater pearls – the more I looked into the subject the more fascinated I became and the more my head spun with the volume of information I was finding. What, for example, are Basra? Akoya? Abalone? Baroque pearls – why “Baroque”? I thought that was a period of history associated with a particular type of decorative art! Blister pearls – are these the same as Mabe pearls? I once had a friend who was given a Mabe pearl ring as a birthday present – very impressive! Then there are Blue, Clam, Conch, Coin, Potato and Rice pearls are named for their shape: the list of different types of pearl goes on endlessly. When I discovered freshwater pearls I was over the moon. My first purchases of freshwater pearls were necklaces of small, rice pearls that I made at the duty free shop in Manila airport. I thought I had gone to heaven!

    So where shall I start? I thought that Keshi pearls might be a good place – I love the fact that, in Japanese, the word “Keshi” (pronounced “kay-shee”) means “poppy” as these pearls, which are an accidental by-product of pearl culturing, were small, like poppy seeds, and were thought to be of less value as they were difficult to drill a hole into. Keshi pearls form without a nucleus which the oyster rejects. Because they have no nucleus they are 100% nacre and have a very high lustre as a result. I have noticed, in my searches through photographs of Keshi pearls and in handling them, that a flattened, almost petal-like shape is quite common and this gives unique opportunities to modern jewellery designers.

    Gone are the days when a pearl had to be perfectly spherical and perfectly white to be considered valuable. It is ironic to note that Keshi pearls are now becoming rare. Why? It is because pearl farmers now have the means of x-raying pearls to see if they have retained or expelled their nucleus. If they are found without a nucleus they have another nucleus inserted and the Keshi doesn’t form: what was once thought of little value is now a rarity!

    Of course, if you want a really expensive Keshi pearl you need to look for a South Sea Keshi. These are formed in the biggest of the pearl-producing oysters, the Pinctada Maxima oyster. This beauty is huge! It is the largest pearl oyster in the world and can grow up to twelve inches in diameter. It is the “mother of pearl” oyster and is valuable to producers of shell pearls (another type that I will write about in another blog). Big oysters produce big pearls, so the South Sea pearls are highly sought-after.

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    Jewelry for Everyday Style

    When pulling an outfit together, you will need to choose jewelry that matches the colors you are wearing. A red blouse and white skirt, for example, is begging for ruby earrings or a ruby ring. If you’re wearing an outfit that has an array of colors, you have a lot more freedom in picking jewelry. You can either choose a piece or pieces that match the most prolific color of your attire, or you can elect to go with jewels that will help bring out a background color.

    If you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your outfit without overdoing it, diamonds are a classic, feminine touch. Choose a simple but elegant diamond ring in white gold. If you’re already wearing an impressive engagement or wedding ring and don’t want to overshadow it, try a pair of wonderful diamond studs. Of course, you can also combine diamonds and emeralds, for example, for a color combo that will both awe and draw envy.

    What do you do if no matter how much you search, you can’t find a piece of jewelry that really makes your look pop? As a woman of high class and sophistication, you never settle. You wouldn’t be where you are now if you did that, right? What you do is create a custom piece. Before you start wrecking your perfect manicure over the fact that you aren’t a jewelry designer, know that you don’t have to be. Visit your favorite custom jeweler, and they will be able to help you construct the ring, necklace or pair of earrings that you’ve always fantasized about. Want a rose gold ring featuring diamonds and your birthstone? Dreaming of a necklace that exudes luxury but can go with every outfit? Whatever you want can be yours, quickly and easily.

    Jewelry is a woman’s ultimate accessory. Rings and necklaces never go out of style, and they will certainly last longer than your favorite pair of heels or the scarf you bought on sale last week. They are also the part of your outfit that is sure to draw the most scrutiny. When you meet someone new and their eyes stray to your hands or neck, what do you want them to see? A ring or necklace that you sort of like but aren’t really proud of, or a sparkling, glistening piece of jewelry that is as opulent and magnificent as you are?

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    Christian Dior Shoes

    Christian Dior shoes and boots have often been synonymous with high good quality, classy boots or shoes. Religious Dior’s legacy continues to live on up towards the present. Men and women know what they get when paying for Religious Dior shoes: novel, chic and classic boots or shoes. The French style home, which is now below the wing of best style designers, has continued to provide the vision from the man behind the name. This translates to the distinct lines that the style house offers, which naturally contain the renowned Dior shoes and boots.

    Their footwear are fantastic for males and women who really know their fashion. Christian Dior women’s shoes are available in numerous styles including ballerinas, pumps, sandals and mules, booties and boots, too as casuals. On the other hand, men’s CD shoes and boots are available in fewer styles such as pumps and casual shoes. With Dior boots, you truly get novel styles. The fashion beliefs of Christian Dior of making progressive designs has generally influenced their designers in creating new styles. Their shoes and boots embody novelty with great designs, curving and of course texture.

    It’s footwear have some other characteristics that make them exceptional to fashion enthusiasts: they’re elegant. The designs are modern and adaptive to the most recent fashion trends. Yet it remains classic. Christian Dior’s idea of femininity has interjected through out his design. They have usually been typically feminine. As Christian Dior himself has been famously cited: “I have endeavored to design flowers for women.” This has continuously influenced Dior designs. Their footwear are more than just wonderful show shoes and boots. They are trendsetting, high fashion and an art. They are a combination and match of simplicity and lavishness. They’re austere but profusely stunning.

    Dior shoes and boots line includes the classic black low-heeled suede footwear as well as the traditional black high-heeled pure leather shoes. These shoes are famous for their simpleness that captures the true essence of woman’s femininity – powerful yet delicate. The metallic high-heeled sandal: traditional in substance but using the twist of a heel creating sophisticated and trendy sandal. Another great example of trendsetting traditional design is the Dior high western-like boots and extravagant ankle boots. Both styles are influenced by the traditional western-style boots but with a touch of innovation that beautifully matches the current fashion trends.

    Aside from twisting classical designs, their high boots really are knee high boots that elongate a woman’s legs by emphasizing them and by dressing them with the boots. The denim boots are sporty yet feminine boots. Owning Dior footwear gives you the perspective of a man or woman who believes in mixing novelty, elegance, and traditional into one, creating a blend of fashion and art. Dior has always been a trend-setting designer who revolutionized fashion after World War II with its “The New Look” that communicates his vision of fashion and its enthusiasm and this is even now translated in his Christian Dior footwear line.

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    Silver Earrings Overview

    The great thing about silver earrings is that they look great with just about any outfit. You can wear them to work or school. You can show them off at a formal event. You can don them when you workout. No matter how or where you choose to wear them, you can trust that people will take notice of them. Since silver is a neutral color, they won’t look tacky, no matter what kind of outfit you choose to wear with them.

    That said, you still need to realize that not every style is appropriate for every occasion. For instance, it wouldn’t be a good idea to where a pair of silver hoop earrings when you go for a jog, nor would be ideal for you to wear a small pair of silver stud earrings when you attend a formal event. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to own a few different pairs. That way, you’ll always have some nice silver earrings to wear, no matter where you go.

    The earrings don’t have to be made entirely out of silver, either. There are two-tone earrings which include two metals, usually either silver and yellow gold, or silver and rose gold. This day and age, you can order modern style earrings or vintage style earrings. If you prefer the classic look of vintage earrings, you can order replicas made out of new materials.

    Another thing to consider is how simple or elegant you want your earrings to be. Even a pair that is simply made out of silver can be very beautiful. But if you really want to go all out, you might want to get a pair with an intricate design. How about a pair of silver dangle earrings with diamond embellishments? Or a pair of hoop earrings made out of silver and Swarovski crystals?

    If you want something a bit more than stud earrings, but don’t want long dangles or hoops, you can go with a huggie pair. These cute earrings barely circle around your earlobe. Some are solid silver while others feature tiny gemstones or crystal embellishments.

    Now you have some ideas of what to look for in the perfect pair of silver earrings. As mentioned above, you should go with a few different pairs – especially if you have a versatile wardrobe. Just look online for some ideas of which styles will suit you the best.

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    Classy Leather Jackets and Blazers

    There are many ways in which a classy leather jacket can be styled. Classy leather jackets are popular mainly amongst bikers, personnel serving in the various arms of the Defense Services, college students and tourists.

    Leather jackets and leather blazers can be classified in different categories either on the basis of purpose they are worn or on the basis of material they are made from. Some of the categories of jackets and blazers are

    • Classic Leather Jacket
    • Classic Leather Blazer
    • Leather Motorcycle jacket
    • Bomber/flight leather blazer/jacket
    • Racing and scooter jackets
    • Leather waterproof jackets

    You can find classy leather jackets and classy leather blazers made up of different types of leathers like suede, buckskin, cowhide, goatskin, ostrich skin, lizard skin and pigskin.

    Usually you find leather jackets either with a zip or with buttons. Classy Leather jackets and classy leather blazers are available in different sizes. On the basis of length size these jackets and blazers are subcategorized as waist length size jackets and hip length size blazers. You can find these leather jackets and blazers in the market in different styles like trench-coat and collarless patterns.

    Leather jackets gained its popularity mainly during 1950 after it was worn by famous movie star Marlon Brando in two movies. The other contemporary actors followed the suit and add to the popularity of leather jackets. Teenagers are very keen to imitate their filmy idols. This aspect helped in achieving more popularity for the leather jackets when it was worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his movie. Wearing a classy leather jacket or classy leather blazer is considered as a tool to show off machismo.

    It is a fact that leather jackets and classy leather blazers are worn either as a fashion or as a garment which offers protection. Though leather jackets are mainly popular among men, women are no exception for their vouch for these classy leather jackets and classy leather blazers. Usually women wear these classy leather blazers to symbolize manliness and machismo. This factor has made the leather jackets a way of displaying life style, personality and attitude in the world of fashion.

    As a woman, you have a wide range of classy leather blazers and classy leather jackets to choose like single and double breasted, without collars, close collars or open collars. There are number of designs of leather jackets which add to the beauty of woman. Some of the popular designs of leather jackets amongst women are suede leather jackets, classy leather blazers, overcoats, classy leather jackets, outwears and reversible jackets. Many leather jackets are embossed to make these classy leather blazers and classy leather jackets to make them more attractive and lure more and more customers. Embossing patterns like Crocodile, snakeskin and alligator are more popular.

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    Royal Sapphire Engagement Rings

    Along with Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, received a beautiful Kashmir sapphire engagement ring from the Duke of York, who later became King George VI. The striking ring also had accent diamonds for added brilliance, although during the 1950s the Queen Consort abandoned this ring and started wearing a giant pearl ring instead. The Queen Mother’s granddaughter, Princess Anne, was also presented with two sapphire engagement pieces during her marriages. Her first ring, from her first husband Mark Philips, was a classic three-stone piece with a blue sapphire in the centre flanked by two diamonds, while her second was an unusual bezel set cabochon sapphire with a diamond trio on each side.

    In 1995, the Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece presented Princess Marie-Chantal with a stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring when he proposed on a ski lift in Switzerland. The royal engagement ring featured a cabochon blue sapphire with a heart-shaped diamond for a romantic finish. Continuing the trend of royal sapphire engagement rings is Princess Tatiana Blatnik, who was given a custom-designed blue sapphire ring surrounded by accent diamonds by Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark in 2010.

    Sapphires have long been considered the stone of royalty, and it was between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, in particular, that sapphire engagement rings became very much sought after by royals. The traditional velvety-blue colour of the gemstone came to be seen as a symbol of the heavens, something that the intensely religious Charlemagne, the founding father of France and Germany and the first ruler of the Western European Empire after the fall of the Roman Empire, strongly believed. Charlemagne even owned a sacred amulet, which held a relic of the True Cross between two sapphires, so convinced was he that sapphires not only symbolised heaven but promised eternal salvation.

    It hardly seems surprising that the royal families of Europe have frequently turned to the sapphire, above all other gemstones, when looking for that eye-catching piece of jewellery. We shall have to wait for the next royal engagement to see if the sapphire will continue its royal trend.

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    Beautiful Acrylic Cabochon

    Homemade jewelry has become a major trend all over the world. People spend time making jewelry for themselves and other people. Acrylic cabochon is a popular pick when making homemade jewelry for teenagers and friends. It’s dazzling and has a lot of sparkle to its colors. People choose it because it lasts a long time and does not scuff as easy as other materials. When you are picking materials for your jewelry, you want to find the ones that last a long time. That is why you shop in bulk and at wholesale prices for higher quality materials.

    When using acrylic cabochon you can choose from materials that are all different sizes. They come in ovals with a smooth texture all over. They can even come in marbled colors. Multi colored pieces are popular for homemade jewelry and allow you to mix and match colors for any outfits. They last a long time and have a solid hook so that they can be attached easily and firmly. They do not always attach the same way so look into how you want to make your jewelry before getting started.

    Some of these jewels are smooth, some have textures on them, and some are even in the shapes of certain symbols. These symbols can be animals, mascots, or even holiday events. Acrylic cabochon are popular because the can come in such a wide variety of beautiful choices.

    When you are choosing your latches for your jewelry, you need to decide what kind of materials you will be working with before you get started. Latches vary for different kinds of materials. There are also many different kinds of latches available for you to choose from, so you need some knowledge of how to attach the latches before you get started. The hook shaped latch is the most popular for jewelry because it is easy to put on and holds very well. This also works well with any kind of materials that you would like to use.

    Making jewelry is not just for kids anymore. Adults and teenagers find this to be an interesting past time and even a great way to make some extra spending cash or just a second income for families. You can usually find homemade jewelry at most retail stores. Acrylic cabochon is one of the most popular kinds, so it is not hard to notice when you are jewelry shopping. Just look for the jewelry that stands out among the crowd. They can come in all sizes and shapes so you cannot judge jewelry by the look of the beads. It is what the beads are made of that you should judge them by.

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    Cheap Blazers That Makes Women More Stylish and Happy

    Blaze in your life

    Today’s era is fast, and you need to stay with time. With these blazers, it is very important that you look cute. Cuteness can glow on the face by dressing material that is blazer. Blazer can bring a good look and smartness. You can bring blaze in your life. These are true to line and fits well for men as well for women. You can purchase this slim look and different type of blazer at very less rate. The famous Korean dress blazer for women which make look cute as well stunning. There are blazers with different color and materials. You can get them direct at your doorstep at very low cost and with good quality.

    Discount on Blazers

    These are cool blazers that you can use for daily purpose. There are blazers that can help you to wear for party wear. There is a different type of blazer available at our stores like Striped Sleeve Blazer, Striped Long Sleeve Blazer, smart Linen blazer, Sleeveless Linen Blazer. There are certain offers and discount for each suiting that you will surely help to save money. Same quality blazer and discount offers to customers. Even with a discount you can enjoy same good quality material. You can even observe some highly priced blazers are pinned by pinning machine by hands.

    The art of unique designs make it blossom to feel, and because of it you look cute. You will realize this only when you wear, and people will glance at you. Don’t be late order now and get your favorite blazer at your home in less time and less money with good quality. The blazer has a shiny look that you can wear during night parties as well. These blazers have made from cotton, wool and many other dressing materials. You can order this blazer directly, and you can check the quality. It is really awesome and make you feel relax even if you are wearing blazer.

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    Make Braided Bracelets

    How to make a braided bracelet

    The first thing that you should do is to cut three strands of the material that you want to make a bracelet from. The material can be a yarn, thread, leather or shoestring. For ideal results you should ensure that the strands are of different colors that look good together. For example, you can choose red, white and yellow.

    You should tie the strands together by tying a knot at the top of the strand while leaving a one inch of material above the knot.

    For you to easily braid the bracelets, you should ensure that the strands are long enough. To anchor the bracelet, you should tape the short loose ends of the strands to the tabletop. You can also tape the loose ends to the edge of a desk.

    You should then braid the bracelet by separating the strands into three groups: left, right, and center. You should move the right strand over the middle strand and then the left strand over the right one. By doing this you will have moved the center strand to the right side. You should continue braiding until only an inch of strand is left.

    After completing doing this you should tie a knot at the end of the braid and untape the bracelet. If you want to fasten the bracelet, you can tie the loose ends together.

    How to make other braided bracelets

    There are many other braided units that you can make. For example, you can make a beaded unit by braiding cotton strings while adding beads along the way.

    There are also braided wrap string bracelets that you can make by wrapping two strands of string or yarn around a third strand and making a bracelet out of them.

    You can also make a braided paper unit by simply braiding three thick strips of paper instead of a string.

    If you have advanced skills, you can make an add-on braided bracelet. Here you start by braiding three strands of strings and add more as you continue braiding.