• Accessories

    Men Scarves

    Scarves are not only to highlight your fashion taste, but also improve your artist culture. Men scarves are matched with weather and clothing fabrics so the effect is evident with this final touch. In general, either the color of men scarves is boring, or the patterns have little change. Actually scarves are a piece of neutral accessory. Men could try with scarves to achieve an excellent effect as long as the scarf is not too fancy or too feminine, such as lace hem.

    If the style of scarves is complicated, the color should be simple and only some texture change can achieve the desired effect. A thin lightweight cotton long scarf can work with the current weather. If mentioning scarf match, the solid color scarf is the one that is easy to match. The first rule to choose the color of a scarf is based on whether the dress is warm color or cool one. If the color of a sweater and outer wear is very close, choose a relatively bright color; if they are obviously different, a little gray scarf can be a better choice.

    Gray scarves are the easiest to be combined together and they can mainly serve to increase the layers and the changes of the lines. However, there are a variety of gray so pick an appropriate one with your match. For example, the gray with a little green for beige clothing; light coffee gray for warm color clothing; dark gray for blue dress.

    The large knitted square scarves in the texture of small patterns can be popular with the vintage style popularity. The scarves with the pattern of thousands of birds are a classic choice. Besides black and white, you should also consider the match with your clothing color. The large square scarves go well with heavier outer wear. There are many choices of this style in the market so you can pick the favorite color and style according to your own preference. You can buy several different color scarves to save your spending on the clothing.

    The knitting scarves are suitable for cold weather with wool outer wear or leather coats. Men should avoid the knitted scarves with too many colors or too much pattern change. Although the existence is only a small area, the simple color is not strong but very rich.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Swiss Automatic Watches

    The beautiful dress that is in vogue this year will be scorned and thrown to the wayside all too soon. The face that is enhanced by the current trend in cosmetics will soon appear in a totally different composition, when the pendulum of fashion swings the other way once again. There is one fashion element that never goes out of style, however; Swiss Automatic Watches. Elegant yet dependable, popular yet not a slave to fashion, the Swiss watch is timeless and permanent.

    Although watches have been around since the 1600’s, wrist watches first achieved popularity in the 1920’s. Wrist watches became even more popular after World War I, when technology brought new advances such as water and shock resistance. Swiss Automatic Watches, meaning that they are self-winding, rose in popularity and became more affordable during the 1940’s. Swiss watchmakers have consistently maintained the highest standards in fine watchmaking, and today Swiss watches are internationally renowned for their quality and excellence.

    From the simple and affordable to the elegant and expensive, Swiss Automatic Watches are much desired throughout the fashion world. There are hundreds of brands of Swiss watches. Some of the well-known brands include Gucci, Cartier, Movado, Omega. Piguet, and Longines. Swiss watches are sold all over the world in fine stores as well as on the internet. One should use caution when purchasing from an unknown source, as copycat versions of Swiss watches are readily available also. To be a true Swiss watch, there are certain standards that must be followed. Fifty percent of the working components of the watch must have been manufactured in Switzerland, and the final assembly of the watch must have been in Switzerland.

    For ladies, one elegant choice in Swiss Automatic Watches is from the company Delance. Here, one can create her own beautiful, unique timepiece. One of the more popular watches at Delance is the Centurion, a bracelet watch whose body can be interchanged, creating a whole new look. The bracelet of the Centurion comes in soft leather or silver, and future plans include white gold and platinum. Other future plans include a line of unisex watches. Currently in the United States, there are only two distributors of Delance watches; one in Ohio and another in Michigan.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Rado Watches for Individual Personality


    The timepiece allows you to carry your attitude wherever you go. The black appearance seems bold with the way it is designed. The 39mm black dial cheers loud for a simplistic style crafted with the fine cut of the brand. Maintaining an evenly applied stroke of art, this watch rests glamorously on the wrist of men who love a confident look over a stylistic attitude. The ceramic dial represents the brand’s reach in designing timepieces with the material. The soothing look is brilliantly presented through the thin hands and indexes. Paired with the ceramic strap and the bezel, it is your watch for a formal fashion. The price of the watch in India comes at around 127,000 rupees.


    The rectangular dial watch of Rado conveys an iconic look that the men love to wear. With a gleaming appeal of the watchmaking, it expresses a touch of experienced artisans that stay timeless for your fashion. The 31mm case handsomely holds the dial in black that is designed with a detail-free look. The quarterly hour markers add a dash of glamour to the appeal and pour a life on the black surface. Having a date display window at 6 o’clock and the logo of the brand below the 12 o’clock, this automatic watch gives your dedicated look an extraordinary complement. Paired with the two-tone strap, it is a watch for your glamour. You can buy this magnificent timepiece at 146,600 in Indian rupees.


    The HyperChrome watches are admired by the watch lovers across the world whole-heartedly. The collection has created a craze among watch lovers with a fascinating watchmaking and delightful designs. Each timepiece of the collection has come up with a fresh look with maintaining the true essence of the brand. This automatic watch has traces of the tennis game in its design that is unique and creative. The 45mm blue dial is detailed with the three sub dials and silver-toned hands and indexes. With a plasma high-tech Monobloc case, this watch crosses the mark of expectation successfully. The blue dial with a grey bezel and a stainless steel strap retains the handsome appeal of the brand synonymously. You can buy this watch 298,450 rupees in India.


    Like men, women also fine desired watch collection in the offering of Rado watches. This Centrix piece has all the glamour and beauty today’s women love to flaunt publicly. Breaking the conventional bondage, they set a new fashion statement by revealing their attitude fearlessly. This watch elaborates the appeal of those women who present themselves with their smart and elegant attitude. The black dial rests in 28mm steel and PVD coated case, and it is gracefully brightened with the diamond hour markers revealing the glow of true beauty. Poising a perfect balance with the rose gold bezel and a two-tone strap, it is a watch for their glorifying personality. A rare combination of boldness and elegance defines the reason behind designing this watch for women. The price of the watch comes at 136,525 rupees.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Extra Fancy With Fashion Pendants

    Not only does the whole town know this about you, but your family does, as well. They are accustomed to the annual holiday to-do lists being assigned to them right around the time you go and buy that tree. They know that their December will be filled with shopping trips, stringing thousands of lights, setting up the plethora of yard decorations, and making the inside of the house look just as good as the outside. Their help is always required, and you appreciate it a great deal, which is why you always go all-out on their Christmas presents, as well. This is yet just another aspect of your well-known, over the top, and fancy persona that people know you for.

    This year, though, you have decided to get even fancier! No, not with a brand new set of plastic lawn reindeer or a musically timed light show in the front yard (although, that is all on the list for next year). You plan on getting super fancy with your gift giving this season. How, exactly? By custom designing everyone their very own fine jewelry accessories! You have been working with your favorite jewelry for months now, and the ideas you have both come up with are epic.

    Your daughter will be getting her very own fancy locket, complete with a picture of her very favorite person inside: her mother, of course! All the boys will be getting fancy (we mean manly) diamond cuff links, and your mother will be receiving a beautiful and fancy fashion pendant. You even had your very own appropriately themed, fancy pendant made just for yourself. It’s a silver pendant of your silhouette wrapped in gemstone decorated string lights, with a diamond-studded to-do list in its hand.

  • Fashion

    Ladies Jackets

    One of the hottest trends in ladies jackets this season is the classic two-button blazer with a notched collar. Traditional styles like nautical navy with white accents or twills and corduroys are all available. This style of jacket works well with a multitude of different looks. When paired with a white tee shirt and jeans, a nautical blazer epitomizes a fresh and fabulous look for spring or summer. Corduroy, on the other hand, looks great with a skinny jean and riding boots. Women clothing themselves in a grey twill blazer and grey suede pants are nothing short of stunning. With so many incredible options, it is easy to see why ladies jackets are such a hugely popular trend.

    The notched collar blazer is by no means the only style option this season. Ladies also have the classic motorcycle style of jacket to consider too. When it comes to women clothing needs to offer just a touch more femininity. This is especially true of the motorcycle jacket. This season’s version comes in soft sumptuous suede and even boucle fabric choices. Faux suede is a hot trend as it pairs perfectly with denim and with dressier fabrics. Boucle is another hot trend for women clothing themselves in textural dressing. Many of these boucle jackets feature an incredible array of colored threads within the fabric. This multitude of colorful threads allows a woman to pair her jacket with just about any color of ladies top. With one simple blazer, she can create a myriad of outfits simply because of the versatility of the jacket’s textural fabric. This season’s motorcycle jacket is slightly shorter around the body with a bit more of a boxy style. With its collarless design, this season’s boxy short jacket works well over ruffled blouses and rhinestone tee shirts. The juxtaposition of hard edges against soft and feminine fabrics is enchanting to say the least.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Nixon Watches and Style

    If you have never laid eyes on one of these watches Nixon will certainly bring a smile to your face. The first time I glanced at their range I said “Wow! Who makes those?” (followed by the aforementioned “never heard of them”). Indeed, the range is certainly different.

    Take the “Rotolog” model. It’s inlaid with walnut. The Metal Atom watch, is black and purple. I mean….it’s ALL black and purple, including the strap.

    The Time Teller PU range come in the most fantastic colors, all with matching brightly colored wrist straps and faces. Many of them are deeply hued with pastel shades of blue, green, orange etc. They look totally amazing and you have probably never seen a range like this before.

    The Lodown Titanium is Nixon’s neon pink model and is quite simply stunning. It’s pre-loaded with the tide logs for 200 of the best surfing beaches over the next fifteen years. Bearing in mind the fact that some of the company’s biggest fans are the surfing community, this may come as no surprise.

    Nixon watches have been worn for years by the worlds top skiers, skaters and surfboarders, and they are fast becoming a fashion accessory “must have”. Indeed, apart from watches Nixon have expanded into other fashionable clothing items etc. It may not be too long before Nixon fashion items are seen on the catwalk.

    The company was formed back in 1997 in California, starting out with a very small range of customised designer watches aimed at the Californian youth market such as skateboarders, skiers and surfers. They very soon grew to be the fashionable item that everyone wanted to be seen wearing, and from selling a small range of watches Nixon expanded at the turn of the century into the accessories market and now operates in many countries. Nixon also produce a range of fashionable music earphones.

    And being “seen” wearing one of these watches is not so difficult. To be honest, once you take a look at the fantastic range of watches they produce, you would certainly be able to spot one on someone’s arm from a mile away. Aside from selling watches Nixon sponsor a surf competition in Spain each year with a $10,000 prize.

    The three main categories of watch Nixon supply are men’s, women’s and Elite watches. The elite range also include some fascinating models. One is a ceramic watch. It sounds weird but take a look and you will see what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship it really is.

  • Fashion

    Pregnancy Wardrobe

    Pregnancy Wardrobe Tricks

    One pregnancy clothing trick is to take a rubber band and loop it through a pant or skirt buttonhole and afterwards wrapping it around the button. This clever move will supply just enough extra room to make our clothing with buttoned waistbands more comfortable.

    In addition, there is a pregnancy wardrobe saver called the “belly band.” It is a stretchy-band that holds a woman’s pants up for extra security. Let’s face it, just about anything is worth a try for those first three months help us feel, well, stylishly pregnant. Then the inevitable happens, the awkward zone.

    The Awkward Zone

    During this period, most of us are not really showing, but the weight gain is noticeable, and most “real” maternity clothes are too large. However, we may be able to cheat a bit by purchasing a few normal cut skirts or pants with drawstring or elastic waistbands in a couple sizes larger. Fashionable low-rise pants, that rest under the belly work fine as well.

    Yoga pants are another option during this stage. Yoga pants are usually made from soft, elastic fabrics that move with the body and look dressy enough on the job as well as feeling very comfortable, especially those made from mercerized cotton or thick rayon.

    Cardigans, long jackets or blazers, tunics, loose shirts, leggings, maternity jeans, trendy dresses, and women’s maternity suits, work well throughout this transition period. The cut of each of design gracefully obscures a growing belly, without drawing attention to it.

    The Secret is Out

    Our pregnancies can’t be concealed for too long. Okay, some of us have managed to pull it off, but it’s not the norm.

    Here is a list of what the experts suggest we should do to keep our wardrobes up-to-date for work while staying comfortable.

    • Purchase clothing of the same color and fabric: Stay basic; keep away from patterns and vivid colors. Go for basic colors for maximum wardrobe flexibility.
    • Wear clingy/fitted pieces: Maternity clothing, or stretch clothing, that fits close to the body looks neater, cleaner, and much more flattering.
    • Skirts: Buy a tapered skirt made from a superb-quality stretch fabric. Cotton or Lycra is great for casual wear and gabardine or stretch wool for an elegant look. A skirt length to the knee is best; it looks professional even while showing a little leg. Black makes us look slimmer and will go with any color top.
    • Stretch pants: Select slim fitting pants with a boot-cut bottom since this style is more flattering to women’s figures, even when not pregnant. Wearing regular leggings is perfect. When they become uncomfortable switch to maternity that includes a built-in panel.
    • Stick-with-the-blazer: The blazer simply works with everything, and maternity blazers are available as well. Buy the “unobstructed” designs without closures. This style drapes over the belly, creating a fluid line.
    • Basic black dress: The black dress, or as it is so famously known the “little black dress” is a must-have pregnant or not! It can be worn by itself or with a blazer. The Empire-waist design is most flattering on pregnant women.

  • Accessories

    Fashion Tips From Solid Color Scarves

    White scarves are one of the favorite solid color scarves. If the scarf size is big enough, you can also wear it as a shawl. A white color scarf with long tassels would be perfect choice. It is full of romantic feel with the long tassels swinging. Those white scarves go with jeans very well and look good.

    Black scarves present both stylish and mature feel. If go with a red black striped shirt, that will be really eye-catching. A black theme Korean style pants can be a wonderful finish touch for your outfit.

    As one of the matching rules, color contrast is another choice. If you choose a colorful striped sweater which is eye-catching and youth energetic, a gray scarf with jean could be a smart choice. Usually the clothing in the autumn or winter has dull color but this outfit is full of feminine charm.

    Until now, we have not mentioned another important fashion accessory: boots. How can you comment fashion without mentioning boots? Here another fashion rule applies: same or similar color match. If a gray color scarf is your favorite winter scarf, you could choose a boot from the similar color series, such as black.

    If you live in Caribbean, the skirt with beautiful prints is still your outfit choice. The only thing extra is a purple scarf. As a purple scarf is selected, you can add a long boots and a cowboy style handbag with tassels.

    Black scarves are a necessary element for the college style. A classic representation for this style could include a white blouse with a big size outer wear. If love extra vintage charm, a beret can do that for you. The contrast between white and black really spices up your fashion favors.

    Red scarves are not that normal any more if you have nice outfit to match. The black and white thin-striped sweater looks sexy with a jean. The casual and elegance integrates with each other very well. A bright red scarf is really eye-catching from the above outfit and reveals the female charm with a great focus.

    No matter which one you choose, that is not the only right choice for your winter scarves. The winter scarves highlight your outfit and add extra charming for your daily life. Try the scarves you have or find a great deal online for your additional favorite scarves. If you take some time and experiment with your scarves, you will definitely find your own fashion choice for this winter. Not just warm, you will also have a fun from a smart use with your scarves.

  • Fashion

    Right Long Sweater Coats

    How do you find the perfect long sweater coats for you? Well that is very easy. In fact, a sweater coat is the most natural thing to find during the cold season. All you have to do is determine the weather type in your country, if it’s too cold and difficult to tolerate, you should probably get a coat that is thicker and will make you feel very warm even while walking on the chilly streets. If it’s not that chilly, get a lighter coat instead, maybe the knitted one could be a perfect choice for this weather.

    When it comes to getting long sweater coats, it should be the perfect length for you. You don’t want it very short as that will look funny on you. Just try on a few coats; normally countries that tend to have very cold weather will have a lot of coats to choose from. Don’t just buy a coat without trying it on; be sure that the length of the coat that you purchase goes with your figure. This coats should be perfect and should accommodate the weather. There are a lot of fashionable coats out there that would make you look like a movie star in it and you could even pair some nice scarves with it. Scarves will definitely go with coats; in fact they’re a match.

    When buying long sweater coats, take note that it comes in different sizes too. If you want something to fit you nicely, there are sizes available for you and there are also plus sizes. This are very much a necessity especially in countries with chilly weather. Besides looking nice and fashionable from the outside, the coat should also make you feel warm and comfortable when worn. Don’t just go because of how the coat looks, it should also be very comfortable. Coats made these days are very fashionable and very comfortable to use because of the high-demand it gets.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Women’s Armani Watches

    An integral component of the woman’s fashion accessory is the wrist watch and they also feel the same way about a timepiece like G. Armani. For some women a watch is more of a jewelry item than an object of necessity. Men also consider Women’s Armani watches as ideal gift items to woo them. These watches have a mesmerizing effect on women and they simply find the élan exhibited by these watches to be irresistible. Modern women crave for comfort, panache, sophistication and style, all at the same time and Women’s Armani watches are capable of satisfying their aspirations properly.

    There is a diverse array of styles which is present and there are specific categories of water-resistant watches also. Stainless steel is a very useful element and a wonderful discovery of the modern age. It is used as a material for making Women’s Armani watches too. Metallic bracelets and leather straps are also present to cater to the fastidious choices of women. Armani watches are able to create that feel-good ambience and the woman just flaunts the watch to the outside world showing her prized possession. The modern day woman follows a hectic schedule and she might be at home or working outside. However, wherever she might be she would want to check out the time regularly as that it would be an opportunity to exhibit this amazing timepiece with an elegant and timeless appeal.

    A woman takes a lot of pride in her looks and if she feels that her appearance is alluring, her confidence is automatically boosted. Women’s Armani watches are manufactured, crafted and packaged by the fashion house of Armani. Many celebrities, film stars and famous personalities are seen wearing an Armani watch in coordination with their dresses when they go to big events or celebrity parties. These watches are also enclosed within a black-colored original Armani case. These elegantly designed fashion accessories, as women like to consider them, are available in the main Armani stores or can also be comfortably bought online.

    The main advantage of buying online from a reputed and authentic website is that all the required shopping can be done from the cool confines of one’s house. It is not always feasible for women to go outside and shop in the crowd and this option gives women freedom from the worries of buying Women’s Armani watches out there in the crowd.