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    Appeal of Gucci Watches

    The fashion house began early in the nineteenth century. The man who started the company Guccio Gucci, commenced the business after a short trip to London. On the vacation he had seen many delightful tastes and sights, and this taught him that individuals would be more than happy to buy exquisite products. These kinds of items were on show everywhere in London, from the luxury restaurants, to the designer hotels.

    The company began soon after he returned home from London. In the beginning, the only items sold were luxury leather suitcases. Over time, however, they were to become one amongst the biggest and most powerful fashion houses in the business. There are very few people who do not own, or have at least heard of, the Gucci name. Gucci and a large number of other Italian names slowly began to take over the fashion business. Italy as a country gradually began to be associated with fashion.

    As a company, they began to retail watches at a slightly later date. This was brought about by the gradual growth of the Italian economy. In the beginning, the Gucci watches were mainly retailed across Italy, however, they soon began to grow outside of Italy and it was not long before they were selling many of them around the rest of Europe, and the world too. Buying a luxury timepiece was, and still is, something that many people did when they began to earn good money. It was a way to portray their wealth, and also a great fashion accessory.

    The materials used to construct these magnificent timepieces are of extremely high quality. The best Italian leather was used to make the straps for the watches. The widely purchased metal ones were, and still are, made from stainless steel, silver and gold, even platinum. The most expensive of their watches even include beautifully cut jewels, such as diamonds. These timepieces are only bought by the very rich. Many members of royalty and celebrities are known to use a Gucci watch.

    Gucci prides itself on having a wide and varied range of watches, something to fit everyone’s different taste. The watch styled in the shape of the Gucci emblem, the letter G., was designed simply and without extravagance, as this is what most people prefer. To this day this watch is one of their best selling pieces. The simple design has allowed them to retail it without change for many years, even though it has not been changed, it still remains near the top of their sales list.

    Most view this watch as their signature piece. The watch is made from polished stainless steel, and comes in both female and male styles. The male one is marginally larger than the female, but other than that, they are the same. The allure of this watch is that it is at the lower end of their price range, meaning that most can afford to buy it.

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    Glam Rock Watch

    Glam rock watch is new, but still has managed to catch people’s attention. The company is just ten years old but has made a remarkable progress. The company makes very beautiful watches for women. They are an Italian creation with an international soul which took birth. These watches can be placed both in fashion and luxury category. This company also makes signature pieces on order. They are made in such a way so as to suit the specific requirements of valued customers. These watches have a very sophisticated look with aesthetics taken into consideration. The material that is used in the manufacture process is chosen by experts. The high quality finish of watches places them high in the list of the fashion -luxury watches. Although the watch movements are strictly swiss assembled, the straps used are of fine leather made of python or alligator and are hand crafted in France. The fine leather glam rock watch is a specialty which has given the product so much value. The fame has reached far and wide and attracted customers from other countries who are in search of quality. The range of models available is really amazing; variety ranges both in the shape and size of the dial. Watches come with unique straps which increase their beauty and utility.

    To suit all kind of attires leather glam rock watch for women come in all sorts of colors. The dials are very special and are master pieces. The chronograph watches are a craze and most of the models have them. They come in a variety of dials and frames to suit the tastes of every one. There is a frequent change of the models to cater to the dynamic fashion industry. The leather straps come in many colors such as plain black or white, beige, pink, green, tan and many more. The length of the strap is standardized and the buckle is stamped with the logo. The buckles are also colored to match the strap. The replacement of the battery has to be taken from an authorized dealer. A chronograph leather glam rock watch is a perfect gift for clone ones.

  • Fashion

    Gladiator Shoes

    The gladiator shoes basically are the ultimate shoe for style. It is generally renowned for its variety of straps. These straps together form a distinct “T”. Since they are topped in the fashion charts, they have been a great rage as ladies fashion shoes.

    As days are advancing, more and more recent innovations are brought into these ladies fashion shoes both in terms of style and comfort. Currently these court shoes are available in plenty of varieties which have come out to be a lot different from those of the ancient shoes. Now the court shoes are available not only in flats but at the same time in zippers and heels as well. Apart from the variation in style, there has also been a variation in the materials used in the design and manufacture of the gladiator shoes.

    There was a time when the were mainly made of leather. However, currently along with pure leather, synthetic leather, plastic is also used in their manufacture. These are available in variety of designs, colors and prices. They are also comfortable to a great extent so that it can be worn throughout the day without any difficulty.

    Apart from that, several innovation and improvement has also been done in the styles of the gladiator shoes. Some shoes have been designed with studs, some with colorful buttons, and some with laces, some with ribbons, some with buckles and some even with embroidery.

    The gladiator shoes that are available today are quite trendy. These ladies fashion shoes can be worn with any outfit and at any occasion. There are some which come with criss-cross straps on the legs. These would be most suitable with the knee length skirts and they simply enhance the elegance of the shoes. Apart from elegance, these shoes also provide enormous beauty to the legs.

    Apart from the ‘T” straps, “Z” straps are also available in the recent days. These have really taken the fashion world by storm. These gladiator shoes and sandals are typically modern and cater to the needs of perfectly modern women. In fact, these are a kind of must haves for every woman in all seasons and all occasions.

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    Fashionable Shoes for Big Feet

    There are websites especially devoted to providing women larger-sized versions of favourite designer shoes. The actual differences between each of the shoe sizes are really minimal. There is just a barleycorn separating one size from another. A barleycorn is actually the basis for shoe sizing in the United Kingdom and in the United States, even though the sizing systems for each place are different. A barleycorn roughly equals two thirds of an inch. When you think of that, it seems that a variance of even three to four sizes shouldn’t really seem like that much. In fact, with that in mind, people who wear shoes for big feet should choose whatever shoes they like and wear them proudly.

    However, if you are really self-conscious about the size of your feet and want them to appear smaller, there are some tips to choosing fashionable shoes for big feet in order to accomplish that purpose. For instance, the whole intention of pointy shoes in fashion is to elongate the leg. This is done by elongating the look of the foot. So, if you want to appear to have shorter feet, rounded toe shoes are the way to go. Peep toes and other heels are a great way to double the effect of this tip. Heeled shoes, especially wedges, make the foot appear smaller. Peep toe court shoes break up the line of the foot, stopping the eye and shortening the appearance of the foot.

    In general, darker colours give a smaller appearance. However, wearing shoes the same colour as the trousers or tights you wear has the same effect. A piece of good news for today’s shoe trends, embellishments like bows, flowers, buckles, buttons, etc. also make the feet appear smaller. The best rule of thumb is to wear fashionable shoes confidently no matter what size they are.

  • Accessories

    Fashion Handbag to Suit Your Style

    Style, versatility, practicality? What kind of handbag do you visualise when someone asks? Well, it’s quite difficult isn’t it? What style of handbag are you talking about, what outfit is it to go with, what style and colour of shoes are being worn?

    The truth is that there are dozens of different styles of handbags and these can also come in hundreds of colours, materials and fashions so the choice is quite overwhelming.

    There are satchel bags, these are generally leather bags styled on school satchels with a covering flap and perhaps a buckle to fasten them. They can quite often be worn on the back with straps but may also have a handle.

    Shoulder bags come in a variety of styles, they have a long strap and are designed to be worn hanging over the shoulder.

    There are also long handled shoulder style bags which are designed to be worn across the body rather than just hanging from one shoulder.

    Hand-held bags also come in a variety of styles, clutch bags are a very common style and are carried around in the hand rather than with a handle. Baguette bags are long and thing but also without handles so must be carried in the hand.

    Tote bags are a style of shoulder bag which are large and normally have a zip fastener at the top a lot like a bucket bag. These are a very popular style of bag and can be seen anywhere and at any time.

    Yet another variation of the shoulder bag is the hobo bag. These bags are very popular and can be made out of any material and can come in any colour, they are slightly smaller and half-moon shaped.

    The style of handbag that you choose might not be affected either by fashion or practical considerations. You might choose a particular colour handbags to match a particular outfit or you might find that an evening bag just is not big enough to carry everything you need at that point.

    Messenger bags are flat style bags used for carrying work and pads of writing paper. Even laptop bags have recently become much more of a fashion accessory due to the amount of women now carrying laptops around. They are manufactured in different colours and materials but also built to be practical and are always big enough to carry a laptop.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Brand for Your Every Style

    Q Wander FTW2112:

    The brand has taken its smartwatch collection further with the Q Wander timepieces. With sleek and clean architecture, this timepiece expresses the traditional crafting. Designed with a digital display function, this watch comes allows you to connect it with your phone. While the stainless steel strap circles the wrists of men, the tech-savvy dial takes them into the world of android. With the in-built activity tracking, you can count your every day activity from measuring the steps you covered to the calories you burn. The watch looks like a simple watch but brings the social media on your wrist by giving you an alert on every notification. The other features the timepiece offers are a music controlling option and accept/dismiss calls.

    Decker Chronograph CH2601:

    Fossil plays with the colour black and redefines the appeal of the hue in a new way. With CH2601 timepiece, the brand boldly presents the advanced features. The 44mm black dial gets a contrasting touch with white hands and indexes. Designed for men’s fashion, this watch offers the advanced technologies like chronograph function. Having a tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel, it elevates the formal or professional fashion for men. The black stainless steel strap strikes a perfect note of balance with the overall architecture.

    Grant FS4735:

    The Grant collection is considered to be one of the best-selling watches for men. The look of these timepieces generally brings out the casual trend. The individuality lies in the style of crafting watches. The timepiece has a layering architecture that adds a visual depth. The 44mm silver dial is accentuated with the black hands and indexes. The roman numerals add a classy gesture to the appearance of the watch. The design draws to the conclusion with a brown leather strap.

    Jacqueline ES3435:

    Sometimes it seems that the less is more and the Jacqueline ES3435 reveals the same attitude. Since the timepiece is fashioned for women, it reflects gracefulness through each detailing. The 35mm rose gold dial maintains a clean architecture that does not disturb with the black hands and indexes. Rather, the black colour adds a drama to the design of the watch. The rose gold stainless steel strap circles the wrists of men in a brilliant way.

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    Italian Handmade Shoes

    Quality is a crucial aspect when footwear is concerned; seeing as how low quality shoes will not only help produce sharp back pain, but will surely jeopardize your overall appearance. Men, you are not being authentic if you are matching your suit with your best Italian shoes that are really a product of a five minute ensemble from South Asia.

    Italian handmade shoes on the other hand are a gem whose exclusivity rests within a few designer houses that pride themselves in using traditional methods of shoe making. The craftsmanship is due to Italian shoe manufacturers choosing high quality leather, and refusing to settle for shoddy material. Ladies, not only is the quality of Italian hand made shoes exceptional, but a pair of Raffaello’s is nothing short of distinguished. Imagine the embarrassment of matching a stunning dress with a pair of high heels that look like they were involved in a foot chase.

    Italian hand made shoes promise to deliver quality that speaks to your individuality, not takes away from it. Such shoes have the power not only to make the man, but to make the women. Most Italian shoe manufacturers include pattern books that allow you to choose the material that will be going into your Italian shoe, so the end result will be an original one indeed. There is a reason why Italian fashion shoes are made in small qualities, because you haven’t worn shoes until you’ve worn Italian handmade shoes!

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    Sekonda Seksy Watches

    Seksy watches compliment women of all age-group and are a perfect wear for all occasions. They are a must-have for all those fashion forward ladies who want to make their presence felt. Sekonda is famous for the history of watch-making and since Seksy comes under the umbrella brand, the fine quality and precision of the watches need not be highlighted.

    The stylized look of each timepiece throws light on the fact that the creator has immense experience and in-depth knowledge of the finer details in watch manufacturing. Similarly, a lady with a Seksy watch on the wrist would be regarded as extremely stylish, fashion-savvy and high class.

    Some of the best-selling models by the fashion brand are:

    • Ladies Seksy Curve Watch 4009: This model has a very interesting bracelet look to it. It comes with Swarovski crystals studded on one side of the dial and runs across the metal strap. The metal strap can be adjusted in accordance to the size of the wrist. This beautiful timepiece would compliment everything that you wear.
    • Ladies Seksy Hidden Heart Watch 4163: This exclusive wrist watch is available with a pink mother of pearl dial. Made of stainless steel, the links of the watch can be adjusted depending on the size of the wrist. The numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 are marked by Swarovski Crystals.
    • Ladies Seksy Electra Watch 4158: This wrist watch comes with dazzling crystals studded on both sides of the bezel. The dial is a little diagonal and rectangular in shape. This interesting shape makes it very popular amongst the ladies and is the unique design suits all moods of the day.

    Seksy watches are fun, interesting, sexy and most of all loved by women of all ages. The range of watches suits the fashion-conscious women the best as the wrist watches lend glamour and sizzle to a dull outfit. The best part about the watches is that they are not very highly priced.

  • Accessories

    Winter Scarves

    The genuine wool or silk is expensive because this is mainly for the fabric. In the current market, the common materials for the scarves could be cashmere, silk, polyester, and more. The natural fabrics, such as wool or silk, are usually more expensive than the man-made materials.

    The Korean style scarves are relatively expensive because of the design and style. In addition, those Korean style scarves are hot among the young people so the demand is huge and the price is good as well.

    Although the traditional scarves have a larger size, colorful design, and thick fabric, the price is relatively cheap. The reason is that the production process is relatively simple and mature. The pashmina scarves are one of the examples.

    Another price factor is the size of the scarves. Usually you could find the scarves at different prices but the same style and fabric. The only reason for that is the different size. When you search online to do the compare shopping, you should pay attention to the size detail besides the price. Find the right size for yourself and then the right price accordingly.

    In the market, you might have this experience during the scarf shopping: two scarves have the same fabric, hand feel, and the same size but different prices. If you take it by hand or wrap it around the neck, you could feel that their weight is different. The same fabric with different weight can have much larger price difference. You could consider the weight factor based on the season change. Pick the light weight fabric in the summer and thicker one for the winter.

    The fashion elements can be another cost factor which stimulates you to buy those beautiful scarves. There are many factors which have influence on the fashion trend of scarves and the brief summary is introduced in the following. The trendy colors are different every year, especially for the scarves. For example, the red color is one of the popular colors this year so do not worry about the splashy color for your scarf. Pick a red scarf so you will not be out of date this year. Also, the black, white, or gray is also a right choice. For a perfect scarf, the texture, thickness, and weight are also the factors you should consider. At the same time, show your own style according to your height, stature, and the dress you wear. The other cost factors are from the embellishment of scarves including lace, sequin, beads, and tassels. All those embellishments add cost to your scarves and make you more beautiful, of course.

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    Glasses and Men

    It’s no doubt that a man is not comprehensible or acceptable when he pays too much attention to his appearance, while taking no consideration into his underneath. But it is ambivalent that their appearance is not less important than personal ability, especially when having a conference, or negotiating with clients at the same time. In this situation, neither rings nor necklaces are advisable. What can they do? Glasses often play a great role as the Christ, in this moment.

    The eyeglasses frames are either made of metallic or plastic material. Stainless steel is the oldest material of frames. Now it is almost substituted by alloy, usually a titanium-based alloy, which is light, flexible, sweat-proof, and resistant from corrosion. Comparably, the plastic framed glasses are also thin and have less weight.

    Of course, comfort, fit and durability, all mainly determined by the material, rank high with men when it comes to choosing eyeglasses. While men are concerned with style, they won’t forsake comfort and fit just to look good.

    However, once fashion is talked about, the styles become the key. The right style can enhance men’s overall look. Recently, thick framed glasses, like the ones that a lot of Korean actors wear, become more and more popular. It will present men a bit image-wise and cooler. At the same time, you will also find the conventional solidly squared and rectangular shapes to flatter the faces of modern men, which are specially preferred by artists.