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    International Luxury Gold Plating

    Prices are Affordable

    One of the biggest advantages would be the price. It is okay to purchase a necklace, bracelet or ring that is plated – it does not mean you are cheap. In fact, unless you tell someone it is gold plated or they closely inspect it, no one is going to notice. Plating is nothing to be ashamed of – it just means you know how to shop smartly.

    You Can Have a Big Collection

    Because it is so affordable, you will be able to have a large collection. Due to the low price, you will be able to build up your collection of unique rings, bracelets, etc. Doesn’t that sound great? Once you have that collection built up, you will have a large amount of necklaces, rings and bracelets to choose from. You can easily have a necklace that matches every outfit you have in your closet.

    The Insurance Costs

    People usually do not think about this one, but the price of insuring jewelry can get pretty expensive. If your collection is luxurious 24ct. gold, it will be just as unique, but the cost for insuring it will be a bit lower. The money you save for insuring your collection could be put towards purchasing a new ring or necklace.

    The Disadvantages

    Since we mentioned the advantages, we feel that it is only fair to list the disadvantages of gold plating. Of course, plating in precious metals is not cheaper for nothing. The jewelry that is layered in such metals can easily tarnish, especially if you wear it all the time. The design can be excellent, but in due time, the collection can lose its shine. However, you can make the collection last for a long period of time by taking care of it. You should clean the collection frequently – it is just like cleaning platinum or silver jewelry. Yes, plated gold is not real gold on the inside, only on the outside, but it is still pure 24ct. gold. There are various home remedies you can use, involving baking soda and toothpaste, that you can use in order to clean the collection.

    The Benefits of Gold Plating Jewelry

    Years ago, people frowned upon jewelry when it was plated. This form of jewelry, also referred to as “gold filled” jewelry was considered low quality and any individual who could afford the price would go out and purchase jewelry that was solid gold. Today, times, have changed as more and more people are interested in gold plating. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you the benefits of gold filled jewelry.

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    Glitters Today Is Rose Gold

    Rose Gold Diamond Rings are in Vogue

    Known as rose gold or the coppery pink, today it is a perfect option for women looking for contemporary style designer engagement rings. This metal jewelry adorned with colored gemstones, glitzy embellishments and other materials gives a spectacular style and a unique touch to one’s appearance. Because of its unique color, feminine appeal, affordability and flattering tone, this reddish hue have become the most popular choice for weddings these days. This precious metal also gives jewelry a romantic antique look.

    Unlimited options; and also for men!

    The highly versatile Rose gold jewelry is not just limited for ladies. Those who are looking for men’s wedding bands or matching couple wedding bands can also opt from a huge collection of this rings. It also offers a modern twist to an engagement ring setting, and therefore is one of the popular choices among jewelry lovers.

    Give Your Wardrobe Some Oomph with Rose Gold Jewelry

    Fashionistas admire anything that is distinctive and matchless. And the classic aura of this metal falls under this category. Celebrities too have shown their interest for this particular metal. Due to increasing popularity for this antique jewelry, many top designers and renowned jewelry companies are continually adding rose gold jewelry to their collections. Besides, many online jewelry retailers are offering their customers with latest pinkish gold collections. Therefore you can buy rose gold engagements ring online and get the best choice.

    Few Ideas for Styling with This Popular Metal

    • Wear this exotic metal jewelry with white, dusty pink, beige, brown, black, blue and other neutral colors to add a glamorous look to your attire. And also remember that you should never pair it up with orange or red colored clothing, as it would clash horribly with them.
    • You can also mix this metal with other metals for a perfect feminine look. With this you can also opt to pair it up with different colored diamonds such as white, black or any other color. This gorgeous combination will make jewelry stand out more.
    • To complement your rose gold ring, you can wear nude or neutral colors of nail polish.
    • For a more classic look, match it with other copper or pinkish tone accessories.

  • Fashion

    Style Your Shrug Sweater

    Simply head to your nearest women’s clothing or women’s apparel shop and look through their latest arrivals in the women’s casual clothing section to find an ideal shrug sweater for yourself. You can also check the collection of some of the top online fashion stores such as Elan International Clothing to pick up a stylish sweater shrug at a steal. You can buy Elan International sweater shrugs at a fraction of the cost at which they are available elsewhere. You can pair these with various women’s apparel and women’s dresses.

    If you need some help with clothing women in these fashionable winter outerwear, keep reading to get some valuable tips about styling your shrug sweater. You can achieve an elegant and stylish look or go for the cool and casual look with your shrug sweater. Clothing women in these sweaters can be a lot of fun due to the styling pointers given below. These can be worn to a casual get together and even substitute a shawl or a wrap that you usually wear to a formal function.

    To get the casual look bang on, pair your sweater with a long line tank top and boot cut jeans. All you need are a few basic pieces of women’s clothing to get this look and you are ready to step out in style.

    You can even toss on this sweater over women’s dresses and give your worn out jacket or blazer a miss. This is an apt look if you have been invited to a party that has both indoor as well as outdoor setting. This way you need not remove your shrug every time you walk in and out.

    To get the dressier look with a shrug, select one that can easily match with the outfit that you want to pair it with. It is best to steer clear of experimenting with complex color combinations with your shrug and outfit. Like any women’s casual clothing, this too will remain incomplete without appropriate accessories.

    Elan International clothing line not only stocks a vast collection of basic shrug sweaters but accessorized ones as well. You can buy Elan International shrug sweaters that come embellished with sequins and embroidery and make your own style statement with these. You can even opt for our exclusive range of single closure shrug sweaters that gel well with any outfit.

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    Coordinate Your Watch With an Outfit

    When choosing a watch think about the colors you wear the most and what will go the best with your everyday wear as well as on more dressier occasions.

    Watches come in an assortment of styles, designs and colors. Some have gemstones like diamonds and mother of pearl included within them for added elegance and styling. Some more casual and everyday watches have leather, plastic or fabric watchbands instead of the dressier versions made of metal, gold and silver.

    Watches for more casual occasions to coordinate with everyday office and casual wear should not be too fancy or elegant but more fun, bright, colorful and unique in their designs and styles. Some of these styles are shinier and bigger than the more elegant and dressy designs.

    Casual outfits would coordinate wonderfully with an interchangeable band watch. This type of watch has up to 10 different watchbands in an assortment of colors and patterns to change with every outfit you put on. A gold or silver toned watch works great with outfits in reds, blues, yellows, and browns as well as pink and purple hues.

    For a more elegant and dressier watch for your fancier outfits, watches that include mother of pearl dials, swarovski crystals, diamonds or other gemstones in gold and silver work the best for this coordination for the perfect evening out. For more sophisticated outfits, elegant and beautiful watch designs such as pearl bracelet watches with a surrounding of diamonds along the outside of the dial or black, sleek and thinner watches with leather bands or black metal bands look elegant as well.

    Silver and gold toned watches in bracelet cuff styles are classy and casual so they can be worn with either daily casual or dressier office attire; they look like a lovely jewelry piece instead of a timepiece.

    Other favorite fashionable and fun styles for working out or playing around are watches in bright fun designs. There are watches perfect for these and other occasions made by Timex, called the women’s iron man and these come in a variety of fun flirty colors with modernized funky styling at reasonable prices.

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    Military Watches

    These watches were so designed with features that would suit the people working in the armed forces with dark dials as camouflage when on duty, in-built compass for getting to know their directions, surfaces that do not give off reflection to help in cover-ups, etc. Moreover, the features like the stop-watch, night vision, accurate chronograph movements and the push button light up used to come in really handy when they were out on duty.

    In the days that are past military watches were manufactured as per the different periods in history like watches during the World War II, The Korean War, War with Vietnam etc. They were initially used during World War II in the cockpit of the planes, and gradually they were designed for the different factions like the army, navy and air force depending on their needs and requirements. All military watches were water resistant and withstood severe shocks as people who were using theme could find themselves in all sorts of tricky situations. In those days, the three major manufactures for these watches in Japan, Switzerland and Britain were Seiko, Hamilton and Smiths.

    However, the military watches of today are more sleek and created with better functions and come in a variety of fashionable designs. This accounts for why the military watches for men have become such a craze. They look real cool and tough, and these days people find that these watches match easily with most informal clothes. People use these watches during hiking trips, for exploration and excavation purposes, trekking and the like, as they are sturdy enough to bear rough and tough situations. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that given its rugged appearance and the various features that go into it military watches have become a fashion statement and becoming a hot selling item even amongst casual people, particularly those who have a penchant for outdoor activities.

    Most of these watches have about three or four smaller dials that not only provide better precision but also add to the attraction of the object. The better quality military watches are made utilizing the H3 tritium technology to assist night vision, and some of these watches today do not even require a battery and works with precision for a span of about twenty-five years or more.

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    Wear a Silicone Watch

    When worn as a fashion accessory, it is important to consider the color and design of the silicone watch. These watches come in a wide range of trendy designs and vibrant colors that provides you the opportunity to easily choose the color that best defines your mood and style. To add more to the delight, these watches are customizable too, and can be worn particularly as a trendy accomplice that best matches your attire in a particular occasion. Be it a formal office party, a sports activity or simply adorned to exude a cool look, you can easily change the strap of the watch with some other design depending on your mood and the place you are planning to visit. Most amazingly, unlike most other watches, you can even match the colors with the shades of your attire, and the silicone watch will make you appear all the more sophisticated and elegant. And you do not always need some special occasion to sport this stunning timepiece; just get it on and get going in making a bold fashion statement that is unique and appreciative.

    You can wear the silicone watch in all occasions, all time. The unique rubber material, being most flexible, heat-resistant and water-proof in nature, provides utmost comfort and eases to the wearer, and can be worn for a prolonged time period without any discomfort or skin allergies. Whether you are a sportsperson, a fashion geek, or while on the go, these watches can be extensively worn under all environmental conditions. And for all the environment conscious people in the world, having made of pure silicone material, these watches are most eco-friendly in nature. Thus, it is not just the aesthetics and trendy designs that have been alluring people to these watches, but also the contribution towards being eco-friendly, and taking good care of the health. Yes, the silicone watches are generally infused with negative ions as well, which boost the energy level in you by promoting blood circulation and reducing stress and fatigue. Thus, these watches are much in demand by the sportspersons these days.

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    Platinum Is The Best Metal

    It never fades

    Platinum is a magnificent, naturally white metal and will never change color or fade as it is the case with most other metals. Even when you choose white gold, it will yellow after a period of time losing its beauty in the process. You might even need to have it plated with rhodium to maintain its white appearance. With platinum, however, you can be sure to enjoy that beautiful color for a lifetime. It is so clear that it never reflects the color onto diamonds or other stones embedded in the ring, but instead actually enhances the brilliance of diamonds and other different gemstones used.

    It is one of the purest metals you can find

    It is usually 95% pure making it one of the purest precious metals on the face of the earth. White gold, for instance, is mixed with nickel and rhodium. The pure state of platinum makes it brilliant and ideal even for people with sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic. It can be worn every day without posing any risks and hence it makes a great metal for wedding and engagement rings that need to be worn every single day.

    It is durable

    The high density of platinum makes it highly durable; hence, it does not wear off with with time as it is the case with other metals like white silver which loses slivers of metal when scratched. Such a metal might need reinforcement to replace the worn out metal. A platinum wedding band or engagement ring will last a lifetime looking perfect. It makes every day wearing worry free regardless of the activities involved.

    It is perfect for securing diamonds in place

    Its durability and strength is what makes the metal perfect for diamonds and other precious gemstones. Prongs made of platinum hold and protect diamonds. Considering how precious diamonds are, proper care is necessary and platinum offers the needed protection to the precious stones.

    It is resistant to heat and corrosion

    If your work exposes your jewelry to heat and corrosion risks, platinum is the perfect metal for you. Its corrosion and heat resistant characteristics makes it ideal not just for rings, but also for bracelets, watches and necklaces. It is a feature that also makes the metal low in maintenance, hence ideal for everyday jewelry like rings.

  • Fashion

    V-Neck Sweaters

    For men’s official gathering, a printed V-neck sweater goes well enough with a peekaboo belt, grey pants and black shoes. You can even have a bow tie and a fashionable watch shining on your arm. For women, it gets a bit cheesy and it depends on the depth of the V, whether to accentuate the neckline or not. It never harms to keep a few causal buttons open, just for the rush.

    With these Elan International sweaters, color palette combination becomes urgent. You cannot just have it entirely in blue, black or white. Mix-and-match does wonders, especially with girls. When in doubt, you never go wrong with black and white or blue and grey.

    If you are bent on casual tops, make sure the V-neck sweater is half sleeved, and your arm toned enough to hold that bracelet. Jewelry is an urgent trait and you can experiment with a ring or a nose-stud. Casual wear in case of guys however is better off with full sleeves, and just that tee collar jutting out.

    If you have a muscular body, you can go with a vest over-ridden by a tight fitting by a V-neck sweater. It will go well with jeans; especially in brilliant combo; like blue and black or blue and white. For those willing to be brave, red is a signal flare with black, mainly if there is no print on the Elan Clothing sweater. You can also have your printed shirtsleeves tucked-in and layered with plain Elan sweaters. The tie finishes the effect with a dash over grey corduroys or pants. Again, the belt shouldn’t be superimposing but reed-thin.

    There is obviously more chances on offer for girls who relish casual clothing. Adventurous girls can team a large V-neck sweater over a short skirt ending just at the finishing edge. This gives the impression that she is not wearing anything underneath. Of course, that would look odd without knee-high boots, and a fashionable clutch. It is a rattle at evening functions.

    They can also look classy with plain white sweaters over a ravishing black shirt and trousers. Letting your hair down with a smart fedora cap with such women clothing does create a stir!

  • Fashion

    Power of Ladies Shoes

    You cannot start complaining about how versatile lady shoes are; the designs and styles in the market are quite extensive, with the color range and every combination being very expansive. Each ladies shoe will look just fine when matched with the right attire. Then of course accessories add to the overall superb look. Women love colors, bright colors for that matter. This is evidenced in the colors they get for shoes. Some lady shoes may feature an outrageous color combination while others are outright funny. Fashion dictates that this is fine.

    Every year, the fashion week sees to it that a large number of ladies fashion shoes rock every woman’s wardrobe. High quality ladies leather shoes are the highlight of such events. Speak of lady suede shoes and you are assured of an eager audience.

    Where men view shoes as utility items, women view theirs as a symbol of beauty and personality. The bold modern day woman will stunt red high heels while the conservative one will stick to the flat sole shoes.

    Women dress for the occasion no doubt, and their shoes help them in that. There are ladies dress shoes worn when the occasion demands for a formal ambiance and then ladies casual shoes for when out with friends. For the evenings, a smart lady will don a pair of ladies evening shoes cleverly accessorized with the complete evening attire. Rock the party with specially made lady party shoes. Built to be comfortable and safe, they will be the perfect gift for your feet come the partying season.

  • Fashion

    Women’s Designer Shoes As Stylish Enhancements

    Wearing fashionable shoes makes a woman feel powerful, confident and important. It’s good never to underestimate the power of a great pair of designer shoes because they are the epitome of ladies shoes. Most women’s designer shoes are crafted with the stylish woman in mind. Quite a number are not meant for the ‘faint hearted’, with some of them looking so chic and awesome, you wonder if they are only meant for models and the overtly bold.

    Choice shoes for women range from the cute kitten heels with unique cuts and details, to the vintage inspired ‘spikes’ of the 21st century. There are designer shoes, made from antique and vintage materials, recycled, re-cut and re-used, to make beautiful chic handmade couture shoes.

    There are the classic patents, ‘Nubuck’ leather, suede, ostrich skin, some with colourful sequines, studded and eco friendly ladies shoes made from raffia, jute, and other natural materials. Many colours and textures are available, and there are women’s designer shoes for everyday wear, for office wear, for grand occasions, sportswear or leisure wear.

    Women can up their style by changing their attitude towards fashionable shoes, and desist from feeling that beautiful footwear are just something meant to protect the feet whilst walking.