Asian Brides

Submissive Asian Brides?

The thing is, with certain kinds of Asian brides, this whole submissive stereotype is completely untrue. Take it from me after living in Asia for over ten years that what you see on the package, isn’t necessarily what’s in the box!

In western culture and countries, the females are used to expressing themselves openly, but in many Asian countries the women are judged quite harshly if they don’t follow an Asian males stereotypical ideal. This then leads them to subjugate their real character in favor of the man; this then simply becomes their behavioral pattern, conscious or unconscious.

What does this mean for you if you’re looking for an Asian bride? Well, it means that dependent on which Asian country she is from, to a greater of lesser extent, she will hide her true character and aims, quite possibly until after marriage.

Asian Brides Guidelines

What follows are some brief ‘should-knows’ about your potential Asian bride from a variety of Asian countries based on my experience of either living in that country, dating an Asian girl from that country, or being friends with a group of people/person from that Asian country (in some cases all of the above).

Make sure you bear in mind these useful facts before you choose your Asian bride, as they can really have a huge effect on your marriage.

Filipino Brides: First off I should say the vast majority of Filipinos I’ve met are extremely friendly and hospitable. If you want an Asian bride as close to your own culture as possible if you are a westerner, then a Filipino bride might be just perfect for you. But there’s just one snag…

If you are a man married to a Filipino bride you will find out that you are in some way financially responsible for her entire family. In Filipino culture if one makes it out of the Philippines she is often believed to have ‘hit the big time’, and many people in her family will give a huge sigh of relief, as they then promptly give up working.

I once knew a really pretty Filipino girl who was financially responsible for twelve other siblings… twelve! That wasn’t including her other relatives and cousins who would often ask for money from her also.

Chinese Brides: Now, a Chinese bride will never expect you to financially take care of everyone in her family, but at some point she may expect some help with her parents. But if you choose the right type she will be just as hard-working as you are.

But I would say you have to be careful of the other variety who see you as a means to an end. Within Chinese culture it can be acceptable for a woman to marry a man without love. This is just based on historical customs.

Having said this, I married a Chinese woman myself before, and I can tell you if you can find the right kind you can be very happy. One very important thing you should know though; it’s actually quite rare for a Chinese woman to actually be submissive… in fact sometimes they can actually be more forceful in their self-expression than a western woman (to be honest, it adds spice!)

Korean brides: Now, here we do actually get to the submissive stereotype of Asian girls. I have to say I’ve never seen men treat women as bad as I’ve seen Korean men treat Korean women. The men quite literally seek to control the woman in whichever fashion they choose. Not only that but the Korean culture values a woman that behaves servile, and so, many become this way in order to fit in with their own culture.

To be honest I don’t want a pseudo waitress, so personally I wouldn’t risk it; although many that are looking to date western men are probably looking for much more freedom in their relationships than their culture allows for. So you can make you own choices by finding out more information.

Whichever type of Asian bride you choose, just know that they are not all the same, or even similar just because they are Asian. It is historically and factually correct though, that Japanese and Korean culture stems from Chinese culture, and so many share similar values and reactions to certain external stimuli.