• Fashion

    Must Have Summer Sweaters

    The Denim Jacket

    You can live in jeans all year round and that denim jacket might suit cooler climates. Okay, so that is not a sweater per se, but that is casual enough to wear like you would a sweater. Wear it over a summer dress when you go to a restaurant. Bring that along for your vacation to keep you warm on cold nights.

    Cashmere Sweater

    If you find denim to hot for you, or if you prefer something more sophisticated, cashmere is your best bet. The fabric is soft and luxurious. The look, totally elegant. You can even wear it with your more sophisticated dresses.

    Jersey Sweater

    In between denim and cashmere, you have the more affordable jersey tops.

    Jersey drapes beautifully and are excellent light-weight sweaters if you are on a budget. They are supercomfortable and extremely flattering. These sweaters can be worn during the colder months. Layered over your favourite dress or your jeans and t-shirts.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Designer Men’s Watch

    A designer men’s watch can give you distinction and describes your personality or exclusive taste. Since every watch designed by well-known designer like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or Burberry comes in different styles and sets to reflect on the different mood and personality of every individual.

    So if you want to impress someone during an event or special day, your natural choice would be the classic designs of the designer men’s watch that commands respect and authority. Not the sporty or casual wrist watch that you enjoy wearing every day, although every watches designed by fashion icon is naturally attention getter – but certain events deserves something really special to match the occasion.

    Furthermore, when you are wearing a watch it tells another person who you are and not just your sense of style without verbally saying so, and hence makes a watch an investment worth spending for.

    The consumer’s demand for designer men’s watch did not happen overnight, but something that is meant to transpire as the need for quality watches of the same standard as the Breitling and other high-end brands becomes inevitable. This obvious demand for quality, style and most importantly affordability paved the way for other designers to create their own watch line.

    Designers such as Domenico D and Steffano G or better known as Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Guess, Lacoste, Armani and others are just some of the big names in the in the fashion industry that expanded into this line of industry, the business of time keeping.

    The advent of technology even made it possible for other fashion icon to follow suit in creating their line of designer men’s watches, and makes the business of timepiece really worth investing – indeed a booming business.

    An individual who loves to dress in style would certainly own more than one set of wristwatch. In fact, some people even make it a habit to collect watches that they could wear depending on their mood for the day.

    One designer men’s watch that is definitely worth collecting or included in any watch collections is the Emporio Armani MECCANICO. This stainless steel Armani men’s watch is definitely worth considering because of the fine features.

    The Emporio Armani men’s watch features includes a gun metal dial in colour white, three sub dials, black hands tone, head casing made of stainless steel for longer protection, well polished bracelet made of stainless steel, push button clasp for easy wear, water resistant up to 30 meters so you do not need to worry about getting wet and wild, and most importantly the 2 years warranty.

    Designer men’s watches made by any fashion icon are truly an investment that could never go wrong, simply because of two things – quality and style.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Types of Diamond Cuts

    It is the cut of a diamond that affects the way light travels through the gem, how much is reflected back to the eye and how much leaks out the back. A well-cut diamond gives off more bright sparkle and shine, therefore being more highly valued. A diamond that is cut poorly or too thin will have a lot of light leakage, eliminating its potential for sparkle, and diminishing its value. It takes great skill and craftsmanship to transform a diamond in the rough into a dazzling gem.

    For diamonds used in jewelry, there are various types of diamond cuts and shapes, each having their own unique characteristics that determine their quality. The shape of the diamond, though, is only a small piece of what goes into its diamond cut grade. The diamond cut grade refers more to how proportioned the diamond is. When diamonds are cut into shapes, flat, polished surfaces called “facets” are intentionally created. Diamonds that are cut proportionately, with a good relationship between the diamond’s size, shape and angle of each of its facets, are given a better cut rating.

    There are a couple of diamond facet cutting techniques that are most widely used in the art of modern diamond cutting, each with its own unique light reflection properties. The most common cut pattern is brilliant-cut faceting, which is used in several types of diamond cuts. The brilliant-cut is used in a variety of diamond shapes including, round, princess cut, oval, marquise, pear shape and trilliants. The brilliant-cut creates triangular shaped facets that all reflect light out from the center of the diamond, resulting in incredible, scintillating sparkle. Other types of cuts, such as emerald cut, asschers, baguettes and carrĂ©s, are faceted in a different way, known as step-cutting. These shapes have a rectangular or square outline, where the facets are elongated and arranged in a series of steps like in a staircase. These diamond cuts have a more quiet glow than brilliant-cut diamonds, however. No matter how they’re cut, diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend.

  • Fashion

    Hoodies vs Sweaters

    For those ladies out there who are considering whether to purchase a hoodie or a sweater, here is some useful information that might help you decide which clothing apparel would work best for you.

    Comfort. As summer ends and fall starts, one might start feeling cold but not enough to wear a jacket. A hoodie and a sweater provide warmth to the wearer without feeling too hot. In this area, both types of apparel work perfect for just about anyone.

    Functionality. Hoodies have hoods and pockets whereas sweaters don’t. Hoods are perfect as there will be occasional rains during fall and one might not want to get wet. Plus those ladies who want to protect their face from the sun can put the hood up to prevent the rays from burning their skin. Frontal pockets will also serve as a place to put one’s phone or hands to warm up. Sweaters, however, would work perfectly for indoor activities. Clearly, hoodies stand out against sweaters.

    Fashionable. In terms of trendiness, hoodies tend to have logos on them, zippers and laces which might not be as fashionable as one might like them to be. They are usually oversized which although makes for great casual wear, might not be best if one wants to present a more trendy and preppy look. Sweaters, on the other hand, are more fancy and preppy as they fit perfectly on one’s body and most designs are simple yet classy.

    Versatility. Unlike dresses that are exclusive to females only, hoodies and sweaters can be worn by just about any age group, gender or race. These clothing apparel never go out of style so ladies can wear them the next year without having to worry about what people might have to say. Some hoodies or sweaters can also be customized so one gets unique clothing for oneself.

    Depending on the event that one is attending, hoodies are perfect for outdoor activities, lounging at home, going to school or any daily activities. Sweaters are perfect for attending casual dinner, office work and other activities that might require the person to present a smart casual look.

  • Accessories

    Designer Girls Handbag Styles

    Clutches are popular for use during formal as well as evening events and goes very well with cocktail dresses. Clutches are usually long, rectangular in shape and are small enough to contain all the essentials like keys, credit card, lipstick, and money.

    Tote bags are mostly used for going to the beach or shopping in a mall. They are typically large bags that are open at the top and can carry the bulky items you would need to go to the beach or to go shopping. And since they’re used for daytime and frolicking under the sun, tote bags are brightly colored and made of canvas or other sturdy materials.

    Hobo bags are very popular among girls and handbag designers almost always have this style in their collection. These bags are characterized by a crescent shaped and slouchy structure. They are usually large but recently have been downsized to fit any girl’s need.

    Cross-body bags are really trendy right now. In fact, many designers like Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors to name a few. These bags are draped across the body and keep your things secured even as you walk around. It also keeps your hands free to hold whatever it is you need to.

    Of course the most important factor when buying accessories for girls is to make sure they match the designer clothes. Considering the style of the outfit means that certain bags will inevitably be out of the question, such as trying to achieve a smart and stylish look. This means no over-complicated bags will be suitable, and limit the choice to more traditional yet attractive designer bags.

    For girls dressing up doesn’t mean just donning on beautiful clothes and putting on some snazzy shoes. It’s also about completing the outfit with accessories like a stylish handbag. And just like shoes, girls just can’t have one. In fact, there are so many styles out there that girls just can’t help getting one of each to match their outfits, and girls love designer handbags most.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Style Watches With Outfits

    One or multiple watches?

    If you are planning to buy a watch that you can wear anywhere, it has to be neutral stylistically speaking. This means that it will be so much easier to pair it with almost any color and wear it at all levels of formality.

    If your budget allows you to own more than one watch, then the options kind of open up a bit more. You can choose a sleek option and an understated one when you want to be formal. A shiny and broad one can be a great conversation piece. If you want one watch, you have to be restrained and it should be plain. Also, note that a black leather watch does not pair well with leather shoes that are brown in color. However, you notice that there are some leather watches that can use interchangeable bands.

    Leather strap or metal band?

    Metal bands are neutral. The only thing you have to consider with this kind of strap is the color of your belt buckle and your cuff links. Men do not wear lots of metal and this makes a metal strap one of the best options.

    As for leather, it has to be matched with your belt and shoes, especially if they are made of leather. Leather looks quite simple compared to metal. Plain black leather is perfect for formal situations. Leather gives that comfortable attitude and this makes it approachable.

    Case and dial style

    The visible face of a watch is what we call the dial while the case is that which encloses the movement and the dial. Normally, cases are metal or plastic made. Apart from uses in outside sports or utility, it is not reasonable to own a plastic or rubber watch, especially for a man. You need to choose the kind of case that you want and there are so many options available. The dials also come in many colors. Some are very simple and plain and it is usually deliberate. Black dial with a metal case is quite common with men. When a watch has more contrast, then it becomes even more noticeable. This means it will be less formal. Plain colors are perfect for business dress code. The shape of the dial and the case are aesthetic in nature. There are different shapes that you can choose from.

    Buying a watch has a lot to do with your own taste. You should remember that not many watches will match with all outfits. So as to do this, you may need to invest in two watches. The metal bands happen to be much easier to match even though leather appears a bit dressier and natural.

  • Accessories

    Tricks to Pick the Ideal Authentic Handbag

    What is your personal style?

    Every woman has her own unique style. Are you a housewife or stay at home mom? Do you go for meetings throughout the day? Do you have other social activities that you attend? What type of a woman are you? Casual, classic or super trendy? The ideal authentic handbag must fit with your lifestyle. Your handbag should be situation appropriate and also complement your overall look.

    What is your body type?

    You need to analyze what body type you are. Maybe thin, curvy, small, tall or athletic? You would be very surprised how much your body type can directly affect the decision. Your figure is a main factor in selecting your authentic handbag. Make sure to choose a bag that is opposite of your body shape. Long, slim, and structured handbags work best with ladies who are more curvy. But if you are slim, and tall, a round handbag would be the ideal complement for you.

    What do you carry in your handbag on a daily basis?

    If you belong to a group of ladies that carry around only the basic essentials, you might be OK with a wrislet or a clutch. If you are trying to find something substantial to carry your laptop, lunch and maybe some files a tote would be the ideal choice. Your daily activities should be one of the main contributors in your decision making.

    What is most important to you in your handbag?

    What kind of bags do you like? Maybe the ones with lots of pockets. Do you want something more roomy or smaller and compact. Concentrate to find an ideal authentic handbag that will fit your essentials. Most of the handbags provide an adjustable and removable strap which makes it easy to convert a bag from day to evening. You can choose from wide variety of materials but from my point of view leather would fulfill all the requirements. It is long lasting and goes with every outfit. If you are doing just regular errands, you might take into consideration nylon or canvas.

    The Color also plays a vital role by choosing the ideal authentic handbag. Depending on the season, you might choose different handbag colors. You can never go wrong with black, brown or cream handbag – they are always in style. Since we have summer right now an elegant white authentic leather handbag would be great choice.

  • Fashion

    Long Cardigan Sweaters

    A cardigan is a type of sweater that usually buttons up or in some cases can zipper up. They are traditionally long sleeved although they can also have short or three quarter sleeves. They are many time made from cotton, acrylic blends and wool.

    A cardigan sweater has a long history in fashion. There are plenty of options because they have been such a fashion staple. They have never gone out of style. They have been around for quite some time but what has changed is how they are worn.

    You can wear a long cardigan with skirts, slacks and jeans. Many times a long cardigan will be the main piece of clothing in an outfit. It can be worn belted with a matching belt or it can be worn with a belt made of leather.

    Most of the time a long cardigan, is a part of a layered outfit. Typically it is worn with either a long sleeve shirt or a turtle neck. Sometimes it is a bit sophisticated in its style and in that case it is typically worn with dress clothes.

    You can often buy from any store that sells apparel. You can also find them in department stores and other store that sell clothing.

    A great place to purchase these types of sweaters is online. Shopping online is a perfect solution because you will not be able to find these types of sweaters in most stores during off seasons. You can easily find them online virtually any time of the year.

    Depending on the material that the long cardigan is made from will dictate the cost of the sweater. The more luxurious the material the more expensive it will be. For example an angora sweater will be much more expensive than an acrylic sweater. Expect to spend anywhere from forty dollars to three hundred dollars. Regardless what you spend it is a great investment, this is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

  • Fashion

    Asian Brides

    Submissive Asian Brides?

    The thing is, with certain kinds of Asian brides, this whole submissive stereotype is completely untrue. Take it from me after living in Asia for over ten years that what you see on the package, isn’t necessarily what’s in the box!

    In western culture and countries, the females are used to expressing themselves openly, but in many Asian countries the women are judged quite harshly if they don’t follow an Asian males stereotypical ideal. This then leads them to subjugate their real character in favor of the man; this then simply becomes their behavioral pattern, conscious or unconscious.

    What does this mean for you if you’re looking for an Asian bride? Well, it means that dependent on which Asian country she is from, to a greater of lesser extent, she will hide her true character and aims, quite possibly until after marriage.

    Asian Brides Guidelines

    What follows are some brief ‘should-knows’ about your potential Asian bride from a variety of Asian countries based on my experience of either living in that country, dating an Asian girl from that country, or being friends with a group of people/person from that Asian country (in some cases all of the above).

    Make sure you bear in mind these useful facts before you choose your Asian bride, as they can really have a huge effect on your marriage.

    Filipino Brides: First off I should say the vast majority of Filipinos I’ve met are extremely friendly and hospitable. If you want an Asian bride as close to your own culture as possible if you are a westerner, then a Filipino bride might be just perfect for you. But there’s just one snag…

    If you are a man married to a Filipino bride you will find out that you are in some way financially responsible for her entire family. In Filipino culture if one makes it out of the Philippines she is often believed to have ‘hit the big time’, and many people in her family will give a huge sigh of relief, as they then promptly give up working.

    I once knew a really pretty Filipino girl who was financially responsible for twelve other siblings… twelve! That wasn’t including her other relatives and cousins who would often ask for money from her also.

    Chinese Brides: Now, a Chinese bride will never expect you to financially take care of everyone in her family, but at some point she may expect some help with her parents. But if you choose the right type she will be just as hard-working as you are.

    But I would say you have to be careful of the other variety who see you as a means to an end. Within Chinese culture it can be acceptable for a woman to marry a man without love. This is just based on historical customs.

    Having said this, I married a Chinese woman myself before, and I can tell you if you can find the right kind you can be very happy. One very important thing you should know though; it’s actually quite rare for a Chinese woman to actually be submissive… in fact sometimes they can actually be more forceful in their self-expression than a western woman (to be honest, it adds spice!)

    Korean brides: Now, here we do actually get to the submissive stereotype of Asian girls. I have to say I’ve never seen men treat women as bad as I’ve seen Korean men treat Korean women. The men quite literally seek to control the woman in whichever fashion they choose. Not only that but the Korean culture values a woman that behaves servile, and so, many become this way in order to fit in with their own culture.

    To be honest I don’t want a pseudo waitress, so personally I wouldn’t risk it; although many that are looking to date western men are probably looking for much more freedom in their relationships than their culture allows for. So you can make you own choices by finding out more information.

    Whichever type of Asian bride you choose, just know that they are not all the same, or even similar just because they are Asian. It is historically and factually correct though, that Japanese and Korean culture stems from Chinese culture, and so many share similar values and reactions to certain external stimuli.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Michael Kors Watches

    Give your personality a blessing blue touch:

    MK watches are designed with advanced functions and an elevated detailing. The timepiece MK6141 brings out one of the well-known gestures of the brand in blue. The 39mm dial has many things that are enough to make your appearance dazzling. The stone-dotted minute markers are like stars on the blue sky that radiate their timeless glow. Adding a layering design to the architecture, this timepiece shows innovation in craftsmanship. The timepiece expresses technology and craftsmanship in equal measure. The three sub-dials showcasing chronograph function are placed in a magnificent way. Women can flaunt their glittering look with the timepiece that is circled with a stone-dotted bezel. The two-tone strap gives this watch an outstanding look.

    Sometimes Simplicity wins your heart:

    The timepiece MK3275 reflects the beauty of simple crafting through its designs. The 40mm golden dial contains nothing; still, it reflects a creative art. The dial of the watch is detailed with golden hands and indexes that celebrate the appealing look of the design. Today’s women believe more in being casual, and this timepiece brings out the same thought. Having the logo of the brand embossed on the dial, it creates a magic out of simple designs. The watch gets a complementing touch with clean and sleek stainless steel strap.

    Let the glitter tell your achievements:

    Nothing can stop the winning walk of women. They imprint their footsteps in every field of life, and this is why celebrations have become a part of their journey. Michael Kors watches appreciate this attitude with its new collection of watches. The timepiece MK5865 is designed with a 39mm rose-gold dial that is beautified with the logo of the brand. The dial gets a glittering touch with a stone-studded bezel. The rose gold strap complements the design of the timepiece.

    A Watch for your Handsome Personality:

    Men watches go with the words handsome and boldness. The timepiece MK8280 offers a creative look that is designed with 45mm blue coloured dial. The silver hands and indexes complement the architecture of the designs. The timepiece is designed in a bold way that is fashioned with three sub dials and a date displaying window. The fluted bezel surrounds the dial in a way that it exudes an extraordinary gesture. Men’s world is courageous along with a bit carefree, and this watch reflects the same. Reflecting a strong personality with an adventurous look, this watch graces the wrists of men.