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    Wholesales Handbags

    Let’s have look at the most popular styles available today. Here is a scenario we are all familiar with: you open your closet in the morning, look over all your items of clothing and accessories hanging in front of you, sigh in exasperation and exclaim (to your boyfriend’s dismay or amusement) “I have nothing to wear!”

    Sound familiar? Not only do you have trouble with picking out an outfit, but even when you find something you like, you realize you don’t have a handbag to go with it. So you go back to your closet to rummage around for something to wear. You probably have more than enough stylish and trendy items of clothing in your closet, but you can never have too many handbags! Any day is a good day to get a new one, whether your boyfriend agrees with line of argument or not. So what can you expect to find when you go looking for the perfect handbag? Let’s start with the materials. It’s true that leather is still the number one material for handbags. Durable and stylish, its delicate shine will give you that special touch of elegance. Whether it is glossy classic leather or the matte, soft, casual kind, you just can’t go wrong with leather.

    Still managing to keep its popularity, the snake-skin look is still in fashion, giving your style a hint of wildness and adventure. And for those women looking for a more personal style, a romantic lace satchel or an economical, relaxed, woven paper cross-body (looks like hemp, very neat) might be just the bag for you. Then again, feminine shell materials, such as mother of pearl and polished horn, which have been adorning more and more bags recently, add a gentle touch of grace to your look. When it comes to handbag colors, you should be ready for anything. You can find handbags in neutral colors like beige, gray, or muted hues of red, blue and brown. Dark colors like gray, black and brown will always work with a basic, simple outfit. But if you want something eye-catching, red and blue is a good choice and are easy to find. You can also pick from various intricate floral designs, particularly if you want a casual tote-imagine a mixture of the jubilant atmosphere of the seventies and twenty-first century boldness and playfulness.

    With fashion, you can be sure to find the most convenient and conventional hobos, convertibles, docs, shar peis and bowlers. Big or small, one of these bags is sure to make you feel unique and stylish. The cute and romantic bohemian bag is for those who are extra sweet. All handbags can come with additional buckles and straps, and imaginative, swirling designs. Every lady’s dream is to have one closet for clothes, a second for shoes and a third, large one just for handbags. If you are a true handbag enthusiast, you might consider buying your handbags in bulk. Buying from a wholesaler is a great option for less expensive, beautiful fashion items for resale or for personal use.

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    Types of Ladies Watches

    If not the younger generation, certainly the older generation wears watches. They are a popular gift, especially ladies watches. Ladies timepieces come in four main types:sport, jewelery, fashion and classic. Sport ladies watches are usually a feminine color, like pink or pastel, and include functions useful for sports and exercises. These pieces have timers, alarms, and heat monitors. Some can even track how many steps one has taken or one’s heart rate. The functions vary with price, but most watches are usually waterproof and thus perfect for any water activities.

    Jewelery watches are the more expensive watches and are often made from materials like white gold, silver, or even ceramic. They often have diamonds and other precious stones and are used first and foremost, as an accessory; another piece of jewelry to spice up an outfit. These pieces are more about elegance than function, as fashion usually is.

    Just as fashion trends change, ladies watches change trends too. The watch designers pay close attention to the changing markets and fashion world. Classic ladies wrist watches are old-fashioned watches that are very traditional. They are often a simple gold and not too showy, used for functionality and appearance together. These watches are very popular, especially among women who want to buy an everyday watch that will go with mostly all of their outfits.

    One must choose a lady’s watch based on a woman’s lifestyle. If she is into fitness or sport, that a ladies sport watch is the ideal watch for her. If she is a fashionista, then she would love a fashion or jewelery watch, depending on the style and make. If she is more conservative, than a traditional watch would suit her well.

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    Spring Drive Watch Works

    The Spring Drive is a watch that was developed by Seiko Epson through teamwork with Seiko Instruments. It uses a mainspring, automatic winder, barrel and stem winding to store the watch energy.

    The design was first time visualized by Yoshikazu Akahane at Suva Seikosha in 1977. And, patent was applied for 1982. First introduction was held in 1998 at Basel Watch Fair. A version, which included an automatic winder, was displayed in Seiko models at the 2005 Basel Watch Fair. Seiko Spring Drive Watch models were launched internationally in Paris on September 14, and went on sale the next day.

    The traditional escapement is replaced with a device that Seiko calls a Tri-synchro Regulator. This device adjusts the unwinding of the mainspring. The regulator controls the use of the three forms of energies consumed in the Spring Drive mechanism, the first mechanical power of the mainspring, the electrical energy, which is generated from mechanical power, and energy from electromagnetic, which governs the rotation of the glide wheel.

    The speed of the glide wheel is 8 times per second, and it is compared with the quartz signal by the circuit. A variable braking force is constantly applied to adjust the frequency of the glide wheel.

    The innovation of Tri-synchro Regulator results in no tickling of the watch, like old traditional mechanical or quartz watches. This reason behind is that the movement never stops as in a traditional escapement; it is slowed to the appropriate speed by the brake. The movement is particular to 1 second accuracy per day.

    This movement is being used in the Spring Drive International Collection and in some watches of Grand Seiko, CREDOR, GALANTE, PROSPEX series and IZUL. Problems include moon phase, power reserve, chronograph, sonnerie, GMT and calendar functions. These watches are very much expensive, with the least complicated models costing several thousand dollars. The most expensive one is Credor Sonnerie in Rose Gold, which is over $150,000.

    The Spring Drive watch offers almost double power reserve, which is of 72 hours, as compared to the mechanical watches which offer that of 40 hours. The winding system in these spring drive watches is very faster; around 30 percent as compared to the mechanical winding. A mechanical watch or time pieces shows the accuracy of only +/- 5 minutes per month. Whereas the Spring Drive Watches show an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month. The needle for seconds moves continuously around the dial of the watch, whereas that of a mechanical or quartz moves once in a second. Spring Drive has its motion in one direction and has no escapement. Therefore, needles of Spring Drive Watches move in a very unique and silent way.

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    Handbag Styles For That Fabulous Look

    1. Baguette – As the name implies, this type of handbag style resembles a pastry–a French loaf for that matter. It is usually kept at a small to medium size so it would be fit for casual strolling or going out to party and meet with friends. The baguette also usually comes in either fabric or leather materials.
    2. Birkin – You would be surprised to find out that the Birkin is actually named after the actress Jane Birkin. This was initially custom-made for her as she required getting a handbag that would be able to carry many of her personal belongings. Birkins are a popular choice among corporate people and its unisex design makes for a popular choice for both men and women. Birkins are usually sturdy enough to stand alone and they are often made with animal skin or leather.
    3. Box Bag – The box type of handbags are often used these days to carry small items which needed to be kept in organized form. This is the handbag of choice for carrying large makeup kits. Guys might find this handy to store an assortment of nifty electrical pieces for gadgets and even sporting accessories.
    4. Clutch Purse – This is the popular style of choice for ladies who are going out on formal occasions. Clutch purses are often used as a fashion accessory than a bag because they are often slim and small enough to carry with one hand, clutched firmly on the forearm. A clutch purse is also often styled to fit the garments of the user.
    5. Tote Bag – This is the perfect handbag for people who need one for casual purposes and something that can be used for heavy-duty carrying too. Tote bags are often popular during the summer because they are seen on the beaches, carrying swimsuits and other tanning stuff. Tote bags are very durable and are often made with waterproof materials.
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    Alternative With Loose Diamonds

    Some of the hottest jewelry trends of the year are unveiled during this time of year. Again, you would think designers would present their trends early on in the year, but this honor is saved for the holiday jewelry rush. Fashion jewelry of all kinds are showcased during the Valentine’s season. Our television screens are inundated with commercial after commercial of girls wearing this kind of gemstone bracelet or wanting that set of diamond stud earrings. Magazines are splashed with fancy ads featuring models that are being proposed to with the most incredible diamond jewelry there could possibly be. So many consumers follow these jewelry trends, which is exactly why fine jewelry is such big business during the holidays.

    What if there was a jewelry trend that was a little less mainstream and much more affordable? What if there was a jewelry trend that added a much more personal touch to the accessories you give someone for Christmas? Would you follow it? This newest trend is all about buying and selling loose diamonds, and you’re going to be on the buying end of this spectrum. Affordable, luxurious, certified loose diamonds are available all across the country in your very own local jewelry stores and through trusted online retailers all over the world. You just have to know what to buy and then what to do with these precious stones.

    Start with the basics: the 4 C’s of diamond qualities. Being knowledgeable about diamond qualities will benefit you greatly in the world of investments. Buy only from established and legal buyers who offer hefty return policies and certified diamond grading reports. Once you have your loose diamonds, utilize a custom jewelry design service and set the diamonds into different fine jewelry pieces. You can use these accessories for Christmas presents and, of course, engagement rings for holiday proposals! Loosen up a little bit and get away from the mainstream.

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    Get Into Fashion School

    High School Qualifications

    Good grades in high school are only needed in more prestigious schools. But if you are willing to learn in private fashion schools, satisfactory passes will be fine. Important subjects to score in are your language skills (especially English) and art subjects.

    Although most fashion schools judge their potential students based on portfolio, good grades in every subject reflects well on you. Students with good grades are usually viewed as attentive and dedicated.

    Satisfactory Language Skills

    You will need a good command of English to understand what your classes are about. Theory exams will usually be conducted in that language too, so having strong language skills will help you pull up your grades in these areas.

    If you plan to take up fashion design courses in countries like Japan or Korea, you will need to take up language courses in Japanese or Korean as those will be your medium of instruction.

    Most international fashion schools around the world conduct their lectures in English.
    International businesses around the world use English too. Being good in English can also help you read many informative fashion books to guide you along the way. Having fluency in this language will definitely benefit you as a future fashion designer.

    Your Design Portfolio

    This is probably the toughest of the three requirements to build. Your portfolio will prove your capability to conceptualize, draw and design. It shows the skills your overall ability and potential as a designer. Portfolios that display good designs and those with assignments done for real companies will give you good entry opportunities.

    To get started, read up as much as you can about fashion. Go online, search through libraries and talk to friends who know something about fashion. Or you can read my tutorial on how to build a fashion design portfolio.

    Once you have designed around three or five pieces for your portfolio and assembled it together, send the soft copy to the schools of your choice and apply for your dream course!

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    Designer Inspired Handbags

    There are certainly many benefits to owning or buying a designer inspired handbag over a replica or fake handbag. Not least of which is the legality you can legitimately purchase and carry a designer inspired handbag without fear of legal recriminations. Where as it is not only a criminal offence to sell replica or fake handbags but also to own or even carry one. Legal issues aside designer inspired handbags are great! With the credit crunch taking a huge bite out of our disposable incomes there’s often little left over for luxury purchases.

    However with designer inspired handbags running at an average of five percent of the cost of designer originals you can still afford all the key looks of the season and maintain your personal style. In fact if you are feeling the pinch and can only afford to purchase one fashion item per season a hot, new, on trend handbag is the way to go as you can wear it with any of the classic pieces in your wardrobe (colours permitting of course) and instantly look modern, up to date and chic.  If you are a style savvy chick you probably already realise which handbags are hot but just incase here is the low-down for the autumn/ winter season 2008.

    Handbag Prints:

    Following on from spring florals are still big big news this season in a wide array of colours and print sizes although generally speaking the bigger, the better.

    Handbag Styles:

    More or less anything goes style wise from clutch bags to oversized tote handbags. However soft and slouchy handbag styles are the key shape for autumn/winter with deep jewel shades of suede being a particular hit both on the catwalk and the high street.


    No discussion of autumn/ winter 2008 would be complete with out the mention of tassels, fringes and drawstrings. These were all featured heavily on designer catwalks this season.


    Hot colours this autumn, traditionally black and brown are timeless classics for autumn and winter but this year anything grey is an instant hit as are al the jewel shades so deep vibrant greens, reds, purples and blues are all handbag hits.


    There are four key trends in fabrics for handbags this autumn/winter as already mentioned soft supple jewel toned suede is really hot and ideal statement piece. In fact pretty much all animal skins and prints are hot and here we encounter an other benefit of the designer inspired handbag they rarely feature genuine animal skins so are far less contentious. Lastly as always at t his time of year the allure of the patent handbag is never far away and this years contemporary coloured patent handbags are delicious.

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    Slip On Sneakers

    The slip on sneakers are much more comfortable than the normal casual shoes. In terms of material, the make is better and much lighter compared to other types of shoes. One can mix and match these shoes with just a plain tee shirt or top and a simple pair of jeans or slacks. There are of course different combinations of clothes to match your pair of shoes as there are many different types of designs and colours to match your clothes.

    Many people in the past feels that such shoes are not modern or fashionable or old schooled. You will be viewed a one messy person if you are caught wearing such shoes! However, times have changed now and such shoes are looked upon as trendy and fashionable, and it really stands out with whatever clothes you are wearing.

    These shoes are also very convenient and easy to wear as you can just slip them on your feet without much effort. These shoes are great if you are in a hurry and is rushing out of the house, or needs to be quick or fast. These shoes are so comfortable that you can wear them all day.

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    Bracelets Old And New

    In ancient Egypt bracelets were often made as Scarab bracelets which represented rebirth and regeneration representing the Scarab god responsible for pushing the sun across the sky.

    In Greece a bracelet made from red and white string was worn from the spring until the end of summer to help protect the skin of the wearer from the strong sun.

    Many places in India the tradition is to wear a number of different types of bangles to denote a woman’s marital status.

    Azabache bracelets in Latin America are worn to protect against the evil eye which is believed to be due to envious looks by others.

    And the list of traditions from various areas goes on and on… and is too long to fit in this article.

    Throughout the ages ‘bracelets’ have been worn around the ankle (called anklet) and around boots etc. It has not only been for decoration as fashion bracelets, or for reasons mentioned above either, as it also is, and has been, used for medical and identification purposes, and also the arm protector (bracer) of archers is derived from the same Greek word.

    Bracelets are often used for mental or physical health reasons such as Karma bracelets, Ionized bracelets, Magnetic bracelets etc. which are supposed to have beneficial function. Sometimes religious or cultural, sometimes medical benefits.

    Materials used for bracelets varies from diamonds, pearls and precious stones, gold, platinum to metal plates, brass, pewter and other metals. Wood, bone, leather, plastic, glass, shells and many other thinkable, and unthinkable, materials are, or have been, used.

    Beaded bracelets have been very common since the early stage and are still a widely used method to make bracelets where beads are mounted together on a string. They may be made using one strand of wire or a few parallel strands of wire and beads. The wire used may, or may not, be stretchable.

    Bangles are very common, especially in certain cultures like Asian and African countries, but also in other areas. Bangles are made of various metals and may be adorned with stones, crystals, pearls or other types of decorative materials.

    Charm bracelets are often made with a chain that goes around the wrist and with various symbols or small figures attached. The figures may symbolize certain important things in the life of the bearer or just attached due to the preference of the person wearing it.

    Instead of using a string or a chain around the wrist, the bracelet may be put together by attaching beads one after another. They are commonly known as link bracelets.

    The main bulk of fashion bracelets are now made in China. So called Korean bracelets are actually also mainly made in China whereas the company’s office may be in Korea and the design comes from there.

    A very well-known range of fashion bracelets is made by Pandora A/S which was introduced in 2000 and have a patented threading system that allows charms to be easily added and rearranged. The price ranging from $175 to $3,000+ may be a bit high but the features are quite special and the quality guaranteed.

    Otherwise concerning quality and price, the variation is from very cheap and low quality to very expensive and high quality. Not thereby saying that high price signifies high quality. You may find high quality items at a reasonable price and you may get a lower quality item priced higher. This is often due to marketing strategies.

    In order to get the ‘right quality’ at the ‘right price’ you may consider making your own beaded bracelet or buy from a renowned source. You can find a large number of sources for beads, beading instructions and ready made products on the Internet.

    To purchase online you should check whether the seller is a registered company and that it is showing their registration address. The company should also have a return policy in case there is something wrong with the order you receive.

    It may often be a bit more insecure to buy from a private person, especially someone unknown, as he/she can more easily ‘run away’ from their responsibilities.

  • Watch and Jewelry

    Before Buying Jewelry Display Boxes

    Most display boxes used in stores are made of acrylic and have a strong metal frame for support. To hold the acrylic case, aluminum is used since it is strong and light. Moreover, it is cheap as well. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these boxes need to be sturdy and have inbuilt security measures to prevent your jewelry from being stolen. Most display boxes have rubber feet to facilitate easy movement, and locks to prevent unauthorized access.

    The jewelry display box should be able to accommodate the kind of jewelry you want, in the desired quantities. If you have an unusual requirement, you would need to have the box custom built according to your specifications. These boxes come with locks towards the rear to ensure that only individuals behind the counter have access to the contents. Most shopkeepers prefer to use clear, high impact acrylic to display their wares. The material is extremely strong and is a much cheaper alternative to reinforced glass. Although, the kind you choose would depend on the type of jewelry you are displaying as well as its value. For valuable pieces, extreme care should be taken. For some special items, you might need to opt for a case which offers UV protection to prevent damage.

    For high quality jewelry, the aesthetics and quality of the box is extremely important and most people opt for a good looking box, made of quality materials and having a plush interior. Using high quality boxes improves the overall experience of the customer. In these boxes, personal jewelry can be stored as well. The beautiful box will complement the jewelry as well.

    After a customer has made a purchase, you should consider giving a good jewelry display box for free, enabling the client to store and transport the ornaments easily. By properly branding this box, you will be able to ensure that your business is properly marketed. In fact, a lot of women find such boxes attractive, and using a fine jewelry box could help improve sales.