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    Designer Men’s Watch

    A designer men’s watch can give you distinction and describes your personality or exclusive taste. Since every watch designed by well-known designer like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or Burberry comes in different styles and sets to reflect on the different mood and personality of every individual.

    So if you want to impress someone during an event or special day, your natural choice would be the classic designs of the designer men’s watch that commands respect and authority. Not the sporty or casual wrist watch that you enjoy wearing every day, although every watches designed by fashion icon is naturally attention getter – but certain events deserves something really special to match the occasion.

    Furthermore, when you are wearing a watch it tells another person who you are and not just your sense of style without verbally saying so, and hence makes a watch an investment worth spending for.

    The consumer’s demand for designer men’s watch did not happen overnight, but something that is meant to transpire as the need for quality watches of the same standard as the Breitling and other high-end brands becomes inevitable. This obvious demand for quality, style and most importantly affordability paved the way for other designers to create their own watch line.

    Designers such as Domenico D and Steffano G or better known as Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Guess, Lacoste, Armani and others are just some of the big names in the in the fashion industry that expanded into this line of industry, the business of time keeping.

    The advent of technology even made it possible for other fashion icon to follow suit in creating their line of designer men’s watches, and makes the business of timepiece really worth investing – indeed a booming business.

    An individual who loves to dress in style would certainly own more than one set of wristwatch. In fact, some people even make it a habit to collect watches that they could wear depending on their mood for the day.

    One designer men’s watch that is definitely worth collecting or included in any watch collections is the Emporio Armani MECCANICO. This stainless steel Armani men’s watch is definitely worth considering because of the fine features.

    The Emporio Armani men’s watch features includes a gun metal dial in colour white, three sub dials, black hands tone, head casing made of stainless steel for longer protection, well polished bracelet made of stainless steel, push button clasp for easy wear, water resistant up to 30 meters so you do not need to worry about getting wet and wild, and most importantly the 2 years warranty.

    Designer men’s watches made by any fashion icon are truly an investment that could never go wrong, simply because of two things – quality and style.

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    Types of Diamond Cuts

    It is the cut of a diamond that affects the way light travels through the gem, how much is reflected back to the eye and how much leaks out the back. A well-cut diamond gives off more bright sparkle and shine, therefore being more highly valued. A diamond that is cut poorly or too thin will have a lot of light leakage, eliminating its potential for sparkle, and diminishing its value. It takes great skill and craftsmanship to transform a diamond in the rough into a dazzling gem.

    For diamonds used in jewelry, there are various types of diamond cuts and shapes, each having their own unique characteristics that determine their quality. The shape of the diamond, though, is only a small piece of what goes into its diamond cut grade. The diamond cut grade refers more to how proportioned the diamond is. When diamonds are cut into shapes, flat, polished surfaces called “facets” are intentionally created. Diamonds that are cut proportionately, with a good relationship between the diamond’s size, shape and angle of each of its facets, are given a better cut rating.

    There are a couple of diamond facet cutting techniques that are most widely used in the art of modern diamond cutting, each with its own unique light reflection properties. The most common cut pattern is brilliant-cut faceting, which is used in several types of diamond cuts. The brilliant-cut is used in a variety of diamond shapes including, round, princess cut, oval, marquise, pear shape and trilliants. The brilliant-cut creates triangular shaped facets that all reflect light out from the center of the diamond, resulting in incredible, scintillating sparkle. Other types of cuts, such as emerald cut, asschers, baguettes and carrés, are faceted in a different way, known as step-cutting. These shapes have a rectangular or square outline, where the facets are elongated and arranged in a series of steps like in a staircase. These diamond cuts have a more quiet glow than brilliant-cut diamonds, however. No matter how they’re cut, diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend.

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    Style Watches With Outfits

    One or multiple watches?

    If you are planning to buy a watch that you can wear anywhere, it has to be neutral stylistically speaking. This means that it will be so much easier to pair it with almost any color and wear it at all levels of formality.

    If your budget allows you to own more than one watch, then the options kind of open up a bit more. You can choose a sleek option and an understated one when you want to be formal. A shiny and broad one can be a great conversation piece. If you want one watch, you have to be restrained and it should be plain. Also, note that a black leather watch does not pair well with leather shoes that are brown in color. However, you notice that there are some leather watches that can use interchangeable bands.

    Leather strap or metal band?

    Metal bands are neutral. The only thing you have to consider with this kind of strap is the color of your belt buckle and your cuff links. Men do not wear lots of metal and this makes a metal strap one of the best options.

    As for leather, it has to be matched with your belt and shoes, especially if they are made of leather. Leather looks quite simple compared to metal. Plain black leather is perfect for formal situations. Leather gives that comfortable attitude and this makes it approachable.

    Case and dial style

    The visible face of a watch is what we call the dial while the case is that which encloses the movement and the dial. Normally, cases are metal or plastic made. Apart from uses in outside sports or utility, it is not reasonable to own a plastic or rubber watch, especially for a man. You need to choose the kind of case that you want and there are so many options available. The dials also come in many colors. Some are very simple and plain and it is usually deliberate. Black dial with a metal case is quite common with men. When a watch has more contrast, then it becomes even more noticeable. This means it will be less formal. Plain colors are perfect for business dress code. The shape of the dial and the case are aesthetic in nature. There are different shapes that you can choose from.

    Buying a watch has a lot to do with your own taste. You should remember that not many watches will match with all outfits. So as to do this, you may need to invest in two watches. The metal bands happen to be much easier to match even though leather appears a bit dressier and natural.

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    Michael Kors Watches

    Give your personality a blessing blue touch:

    MK watches are designed with advanced functions and an elevated detailing. The timepiece MK6141 brings out one of the well-known gestures of the brand in blue. The 39mm dial has many things that are enough to make your appearance dazzling. The stone-dotted minute markers are like stars on the blue sky that radiate their timeless glow. Adding a layering design to the architecture, this timepiece shows innovation in craftsmanship. The timepiece expresses technology and craftsmanship in equal measure. The three sub-dials showcasing chronograph function are placed in a magnificent way. Women can flaunt their glittering look with the timepiece that is circled with a stone-dotted bezel. The two-tone strap gives this watch an outstanding look.

    Sometimes Simplicity wins your heart:

    The timepiece MK3275 reflects the beauty of simple crafting through its designs. The 40mm golden dial contains nothing; still, it reflects a creative art. The dial of the watch is detailed with golden hands and indexes that celebrate the appealing look of the design. Today’s women believe more in being casual, and this timepiece brings out the same thought. Having the logo of the brand embossed on the dial, it creates a magic out of simple designs. The watch gets a complementing touch with clean and sleek stainless steel strap.

    Let the glitter tell your achievements:

    Nothing can stop the winning walk of women. They imprint their footsteps in every field of life, and this is why celebrations have become a part of their journey. Michael Kors watches appreciate this attitude with its new collection of watches. The timepiece MK5865 is designed with a 39mm rose-gold dial that is beautified with the logo of the brand. The dial gets a glittering touch with a stone-studded bezel. The rose gold strap complements the design of the timepiece.

    A Watch for your Handsome Personality:

    Men watches go with the words handsome and boldness. The timepiece MK8280 offers a creative look that is designed with 45mm blue coloured dial. The silver hands and indexes complement the architecture of the designs. The timepiece is designed in a bold way that is fashioned with three sub dials and a date displaying window. The fluted bezel surrounds the dial in a way that it exudes an extraordinary gesture. Men’s world is courageous along with a bit carefree, and this watch reflects the same. Reflecting a strong personality with an adventurous look, this watch graces the wrists of men.

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    Fashion Jewelry Helps Your Outfit Shine

    An anniversary ring, a diamond solitaire, or even pearl earrings all qualify as fashion jewelry. They are beautiful, as jewelry should be, but they are not meant for everyday wear. Colored stone jewelry, such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald accessories are almost all considered fashion jewelry. You can find engagement rings with these stones in them, but they are always relegated to a supporting role, never the centerpiece of the ring. That place is reserved for diamonds.

    There are also less traditional styles of jewelry that fall into this category. Toe rings are a relatively recent accessory, but they are exactly the type of accessory that is referred to by fashion jewelry. You are not going to wear toe rings and then put on a pair of boots, they are meant for sandals or possibly heels. Brooches may seem a little old fashioned, but they are also outfit dependent jewelry.

    Fashion jewelry can be worn by men as easily as women; although the items will be quite different. Where a woman might wear a tennis bracelet; a man can wear cuff links. High end shirts and jackets will have holes for custom cuff links, rather than buttons sewn into them. Some will even sport both. Instead of wearing a diamond pendant; a man wears a tie clip or stud. Jewelers always carry a selection of precious metal tie accessories.

    The last piece is one that can be worn by either a man or a woman; and it is the watch. There is a difference between a watch worn simply to tell the wearer the time; and a jewelry quality watch. The difference lies in the style and composition of the watch. A plastic banded Casio watch may give you the time, but a diamond studded Rolex will turn heads while telling time. So whether you are looking for watches, rings, necklaces or cufflinks, fashion jewelry is fundamental to accessorizing.

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    Gemstones With Unique Inclusions

    Any reasonable person would agree that the estimation of a gemstone is in respect of its rarity and not whether it has supposed imperfections. A gemstone with impurities and inclusions actually might really be viewed as an immaculate sample and could simply be more significant in value than you and I would anticipate.

    The meaning of perfect, as indicated by Merriam-Webster, is to be “completely without flaw or imperfection”. So generally, to be characterized as impeccable, something must be perfect inside and outside. A natural gemstone is nature’s creation and a large portion of us are very much mindful that nature is rarely perfect in form but in function. Any reasonable person would agree that natural gemstones are expected to have some level of defect.

    There are not very many colored gemstones that are totally “clean” internally. Gemologists utilize the term inclusion to refer to outside matter or abnormalities in the crystal lattice of a gemstone. It is important that gemology utilizes the term inclusions instead of “deformity” or “imperfection” when referring to these phenomena and for marketing reasons also. This is on account of they are regularly not flaws by any stretch of the imagination. At times they really add to the excellence and estimation of the gemstone. In practicality these so called flaws, actually provide imperative hints about the origin and the development process of the gemstone.

    Amber is such a gemstone, which is actually fossilized, solidified tree sap or resin, hardened by time. Samples with bugs or plant materials as inclusions are particularly rare and fetch quite a hefty price.

    Rutilated quartz is another gemstone that draws its value from its trademark inclusions. Rutile is the mineral name for characteristic precious stones of titanium dioxide. While most mixtures of straightforward quartz are esteemed most when they demonstrate no inclusions, rutilated quartz is highly valued, particularly for the beautiful samples which are framed by minute and delicate, brilliant needles of rutile inside it.

    In some transparent jewels, there are inclusions that are particularly valuable. Fine rutile silk in corundum (Sapphires) from Kashmir and Burma, particularly Sapphires and Rubies, with smooth, even coloring are exceptionally prized. Rare and unique horsetail inclusions in exceptionally rare Russian demantoid garnet gemstone is viewed by collectors as the most dependable sign of Russian origin and are highly prized, since the more common Namibian demantoid does not show this stunning variety of inclusions.

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    Beaded Jewelry

    Jewelry plays a vital role and has its own traditional and cultural values. Women love to wear them at different occasions like parties, functions, casual wears or any other occasion. Other than precious metals, the most favorite choice of women is beaded jewelry. Jewelry made of natural beads gives a very distinct look and feel. Moreover, their beauty is just irresistible and they can make anyone go crazy. This splendid beaded jewelry comes in different styles, designs and colors so that make choice from a vast variety.

    The best thing about the jewelry is that they can be worn by both modern as well as traditional women. If you are a modern girl and want to carry yourself in style and fashion then there is nothing as good as beaded designer jewelry. Different shapes of beads like rectangle, cylindrical, round, oval, etc. perfectly match the latest trends and hence you can easily pick the one which please your eyes in best manner. On the other hand, if you are a traditional woman and loves to be simple, then beautiful white pearl and beads can increase your soberness and beauty. Moreover, they perfectly suit the traditional dresses as well.

    If you are also a lover of beaded and pearl jewelry and planning to buy handmade beaded necklaces, rings or any other jewelry, then you can visit online to find the ideal stores or sellers. When you plan to buy beaded jewelry, you should not rely on any seller instead you must conduct an in-depth online research to find the genuine one. For this you can also use World Wide Web and search engines. By using them, you can easily find the best companies selling original beaded designer jewelry. So, don’t waste your time in thinking now, just start finding the ideal seller of best quality beaded and pearl jewelry.

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    Fabulous Classic Engagement Ring Designs

    Solitaires and Princess Cuts

    The solitaire gemstone is one of the oldest of all jewelry traditions. It features a lone diamond set on top of a delicate band, which is designed to draw focus back to the diamond. Solitaire cuts are popular with many gemstones, and for many other kinds of jewelry for that matter, for the simple reason that the gem is always the star. Alternatively, princess cuts are a square variation of the solitaire diamond, and are typically treated in the same manner.

    Both the princess cut and solitaire cut put all the focus on the gemstone. Engagement ring designs featuring solitaire diamonds cannot help but highlight an exceptional gemstone for the whole world to see. Plus, there’s an aspect of human nature that just loves showing off a giant gem! It’s no wonder this is such a staple of traditional engagement ring design.

    Three Stone Rings: For the Past, Present and Future

    You’ve probably heard the saying “all good things come in threes,” and this brilliant design puts three glorious things right next together; typically, a central diamond flanked by two other gemstones (which are often diamonds, too). This design also allows for some variation of colour, while adhering to tradition. A central diamond can be flanked by other precious stones such as sapphires, or a yellow diamond can take center stage with a pair of diamond backup singers.

    And as for the numerical significance of the number three, it’s well-known that this fabled number is remarkably important across many cultures, and often represents the flow of time or the progression from childhood, to adulthood, and then to old age. Indeed, as the passage of time is a universal part of humanity, so honoring a love that lasts throughout time with three gemstones is deeply traditional engagement ring design. It combines romance, a dash of philosophy, and three gorgeous gemstones all in one piece of stunning, wearable art.

    Pavé Diamond Rings Sparkle all over

    And of course, last but not least: the most common technique used for setting diamonds into the precious metal of the ring is called pavé, after the French for “paved or cobblestoned.” This technique creates some of the most sought after settings for diamond rings, and allows the ring to sparkle from any angle. Pavé rings remain so popular due to the undeniable beauty of this traditional style. The addition of diamonds along the band, and the setting of a larger diamond, allows the light to play among the stones more than it would otherwise.

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    Swiss Army Watches

    Swiss army watches are the most popular watches for individuals living on the first lane. Although they are more known for their men watches, the women watches have also gained much popularity amongst ladies of all classes, fashions and ages. These timepieces feature high functionality, classy and trendy design with synthetic black cases, screw back, rotating bezel and five jewels. The battery is long lasting and can perform exceptionally for up to 36 months. With the date displayed at 3 o’clock, the watch makes it easy to look the time while retaining the traditional unique design brand associated with every Swiss army watch.

    You need a high quality watch, no matter what you do or where you spend your days, it is actually more important than most women think. However, wearing a cheap watch presents an undesirable image of you, it would not look fair to dress like a queen and wear a watch that does not uphold the image you have gone to a great extend to create, would it?

    The Swiss army watches for women are high quality devices that are guaranteed to last long and resist scratches, shock and other common accidents. Although different people have different priorities when buying their watches, I think that the most important qualities that should appear on top of your list are style, class, functionality, reliability and durability. If you filter the best watches using these criteria, I bet you will be left with the Swiss watch only on your list.

    At the end of the day a watch is a watch however it says a lot about you as a person, and getting the right one, makes the watch feel part of you, instead of something that is just attached to your wrist.

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    Preserve the Glitz of Diamond Jewelry

    • Guard from Scratches: Diamonds can easily develop scratches. To avoid this condition, it is essential that you preserve your jewellery pieces in individual jewellery boxes. Also, while you carry them during travel make sure that you do not dump all pieces in one single box to circumvent scratches. This way, the diamonds will stay intact with its lustre undisturbed.
    • Professional Cleaning is the Prudent Choice: Dust accumulation along the edges of the jewellery where diamonds are encrusted is one major problem that many of us face. Therefore, professional cleaning will be required to retain the shine of your jewellery. It is always advisable that you give your jewels to a professional jeweller to clean for you. With the help of advanced technological machines like ultrasonic and steam cleaners, a professional jeweller will get rid of the dirt build up that don’t go off at ease when you cleanse at home.
    • Home Cleaning Tips: If you feel that professional cleaning methods might be expensive, then you can clean your diamond jewellery from the confines of your home. The only condition is that you ought to do it frequently to preserve its glow. To cleanse diamond jewels at home, you will need a tooth-brush with soft bristles, a mild detergent or liquid soap or non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. In a small dish, add some warm water and a desired cleansing agent to make a fine lather. Put the jewellery pieces in the dish and leave it aside for some time. Using the brush, gently scrub them to do away with the dirt accumulated along the edges. Then, clean the jewels in clean water until they turn fresh as dew drops. Finally, pat dry them with a soft cloth to absorb traces of water. If you follow this method correctly and repeatedly, your diamond jewellery will never lose its sheen!