Men Scarves

Scarves are not only to highlight your fashion taste, but also improve your artist culture. Men scarves are matched with weather and clothing fabrics so the effect is evident with this final touch. In general, either the color of men scarves is boring, or the patterns have little change. Actually scarves are a piece of neutral accessory. Men could try with scarves to achieve an excellent effect as long as the scarf is not too fancy or too feminine, such as lace hem.

If the style of scarves is complicated, the color should be simple and only some texture change can achieve the desired effect. A thin lightweight cotton long scarf can work with the current weather. If mentioning scarf match, the solid color scarf is the one that is easy to match. The first rule to choose the color of a scarf is based on whether the dress is warm color or cool one. If the color of a sweater and outer wear is very close, choose a relatively bright color; if they are obviously different, a little gray scarf can be a better choice.

Gray scarves are the easiest to be combined together and they can mainly serve to increase the layers and the changes of the lines. However, there are a variety of gray so pick an appropriate one with your match. For example, the gray with a little green for beige clothing; light coffee gray for warm color clothing; dark gray for blue dress.

The large knitted square scarves in the texture of small patterns can be popular with the vintage style popularity. The scarves with the pattern of thousands of birds are a classic choice. Besides black and white, you should also consider the match with your clothing color. The large square scarves go well with heavier outer wear. There are many choices of this style in the market so you can pick the favorite color and style according to your own preference. You can buy several different color scarves to save your spending on the clothing.

The knitting scarves are suitable for cold weather with wool outer wear or leather coats. Men should avoid the knitted scarves with too many colors or too much pattern change. Although the existence is only a small area, the simple color is not strong but very rich.