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    How to Wear Your Blazer

    A first suggestion would be to wear your blazer with a cardigan having the neck shaped in V. This way, you will look stylish and also smart and you will definitely in the right spot in terms of fashion and fashion trends. Wearing your blazer like this will give the impression that your T-shirt is your second layer of skin and therefore you will not have any part of your chest exposed. You will also feel comfortable and you will have a classic touch which is always something that catches the eye.

    Secondly, you can wear it over a plaid shirt, this way being very modern and inspired from the point of view of fashion standards. You can choose a checked shirt in white and blue for instance and this will certainly match your new navy blazer and even your new black one.

    If you wear your blazer with a chunky pullover, you will also let people know that you know a few things about fashion, because this seems to be a very popular trend these days. Not only will you look like a gentleman, but you will also look quite formally dressed, which of course,

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    Dress For The Office In Style

    Focus on fit – Proper fitting of the outfit should be your primary concern. Do not let your ill-fit clothes destroy your style statement. Avoid wearing large or skinny fit because neither of them can make you look good. You must wear properly fitted clothes to look smart.

    Build with basics – After getting the idea about your correct fit, start filling up your wardrobe with basics. At first try to get mix and match clothes so that you can wear them with any outfit. Different types of jackets, pants, ties and shirts should be your first priority. Go creative with different patterns, colours and textures, after a solid closet full of basics has been built by you.

    The business casual essentials – The maximum levels of versatility can be achieved by you with minimum effort by choosing your essentials very carefully.

    Blazers – Get a proper fitted blazer that should not peak on your shoulders. The blazer should fit square with slim sides. It should not be very long and finish just below your hip. You must show off the cuffs of your shirt from the jacket. After purchasing a blazer, see a tailor

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    Valuable Fashion Tips for Women

    Go for quality items

    When you buy clothes or jewelries, it is vital that you should check if they are of high quality. It is important that you should two or three high quality fashion items and you should not choose low quality fashion items in bulk. It is wrong to think that high quality one would be quite expensive for you. Your objective is to buy one from a popular brand that perfectly suits your personality and that helps to accentuate the strength of your body to a great extent.

    Develop an exclusive look

    The next step is to look out for clothing designs as well as clothing styles that help you to look beautiful and that allow you to feel comfortable to a great extent. If you are able to find one it is advisable that you should buy at least two or three such items at one time. For example, if you find a wonderful pair of trousers that perfectly accentuate your glamour attributes, then you must try to buy two or three pairs of trousers in different colors.

    Experiment with new items

    When you stick to what seems to

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    Girls Fashion Shoes and Boots

    Girls are especially finicky with regards to shoes compared with gentlemen. Besides necklaces, designer bags and clothes, there is definitely something unique about girls shoes. With all the moving of time, women’s shoes have changed. On normal time periods we usually experience a new style in boots and shoes. Extremely interestingly, every latest style is a reinvention of styles from quite a few years ago with some added uniqueness in the design.

    As well as style and the design of ladies boots or shoes, an additional important element that really needs to be considered, will be the price. We all would like or need inexpensive shoes and boots, particularly for every day use however we still really wish some thing eye-catching. Cheap women’s shoes aren’t only affordable but they can be designer inspired as well as in fashion.

    If you need a few pairs of modern-day designer shoes or boots, but hold a tight budget, then look at the different cheap women’s shoes and boots accessible. Although everyone covets top quality shoes, but because of a restricted spending budget, low cost women’s shoes are certainly the very best buy.

    You’ll be quite amazed to find

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    Days of Skirts and Dresses

    I love denim – there is something about a great pair of jeans that I think most women love, even if they can’t find quite the right pair! I was fortunate to find a great denim skirt at one of my favorite places to shop – TJ Maxx!

    I LOVE T.J. Maxx, but if you’re not working from a wardrobe plan – or at least you have an idea of what kinds of garments you’d like to add to your wardrobe BEFORE you hit the store, you can end up with a lot of unrelated garments and no cohesive “look”. Even an unmatched suit has SOME degree of forethought and planning attached to it! My skirt(s) for today (I ended up wearing two different ones) are pictured below:

    I started out the day with a cream-colored knit twinset – a cardigan and matching shell. I picked up this combination YEARS ago in a store I can’t recall the name of, because it was one of those mix-and-match basics that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It harmonizes with over 80% of what’s in my closet, it’s easy to wear, and a multi-season item that can

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    Latest Wedding Gowns

    Wedding dresses come in a great number of styles, colors and also fabrics so it’s easy to assume that choosing the ideal one for your special day will be daunting task. If you want to find the perfect gown, it’s vital to look ahead of time. In case you have an eye for beauty, it’s risky to start looking for the dress a short time or weeks prior to wedding day itself. There should be enough time allowance should alterations are needed and the gown needs to be ordered and shipped. Looking in advance frees your mind of pre-wedding worries and stress.

    White bridal dresses tend to be unusual in Chinese, Hindu, Vietnamese, Korean, and also Japanese traditions, because white would be the color associated with mourning as well as death within those cultures. In most Asian cultures red-coloured dresses are in reality more common for brides, simply because this colour signifies vibrancy and health and has with time been recently associated with The Bride. White bridal gowns have long been relevant to virginal wholesomeness tend to be overrated as well as outdated! The truth is, many partners reside together ahead of when these people ever get

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    History of Southpole Clothing

    The first store was located in Brooklyn and David hired Kenny to help him in the store. Later on, the landlord increased their rent and so David and Kenny were forced to relocate to Queens. The retail store was gaining popularity since the clothes were targeted to the urban market and soon the brothers found it difficult to cope with the high demand for their products.

    In 1991, the brothers decided to make a whole sale company since it was becoming difficult for them to keep stock of their highly popular products. David decided to call the new urban clothing label Wicked fashions so as to import clothes from Pakistan for sale in the US. Later, He changed the company’s name to Southpole clothing as a tribute to Korean explorers who had reached the South Pole.

    Southpole Clothing was successful in establishing its dominance in the market and was able to withstand competition from other companies such as FUBU who were dealing in the same clothing style. Southpole Company was able to establish its dominance by keeping its products cheap while as maintaining their high quality. Due to the use of high quality materials and thread,

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    Outerwear Every Girl Should Own This Winter Season

    Classic Wool Coat

    Nothing pulls together an outfit like a classic wool coat. Elegant and versatile, this winter wardrobe staple is as perfect to pair with your casual weekend denim as it is for layering atop your office wear. Moreover, it keeps you warm without sacrificing your style.

    Puffer Coat

    For those brutally cold days, you should certainly go for the puffer coat. These coats are majorly on trend this season. Super lightweight and outstandingly comfortable, nothing holds in warmth like these puffers.

    Leather Jacket

    A no-brainer, but gotta mention it! Every girl should own a leather jacket in her wardrobe. It is one of those rare pieces that can transition your boring office wear to a party wear. Pair a dark colored women winter jacket with all-black for a chic nighttime look. You can also throw one over a stylish dress for a more feminine look.

    Statement Coat

    There are days when you’re running around and end up spending more time in your coat. Those are the days when you need your statement coat. It can instantly jazz up an otherwise basic outfit. So, pile on your boring sweaters underneath

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    Fitted Blazers & Skinny Pants

    For the Blazer-When it comes to the blazer, fitted is best. You will want a jacket to be slightly shrunken but not seem like it’s too small. This means, when you move your arms, there should not be any pulling sensation across the shoulder blades. Look for blazers that are nipped or cinched through the waist but have a regular fit and width at the shoulders. Also, go for a blazer whose sleeves extend slightly past the wrists.

    For the Skinny Pants-In terms of bottoms, go for a dark, lean trouser. Try a pair with a little stretch to get the best fit. You will also want to keep adornment or embellishment on the pants to be minimal or non-existent. This ensemble says enough on it s own! To complete this look, go for a pair of ankle boots with a rounded or square toe to add a bit of edge. If you really are daring, go for a pair of pants that stop a few inches above the boot.

    Now are you ready to try the fitted blazer and skinny pants trend? If you are, you now know how to wear it and wear it well. A loose tee or tank will offset the tailored jacket and pants. Tuck in the

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    Skinny Black Tie

    One most important fashion trend which has been immensely popular from 50’s through to the 80’s and has made a comeback now in recent years in that of a skinny black tie. This tie has made a comeback with Hollywood stars preferring to wear them at award functions, and as these stars are looked up for fashion and style, many fashionable men around have started following them for this trend.

    In the era of 20’s, these ties varied in width from 1 to 3 inches. During this time, both pointed and square end ties were popular. Most people during that era referred to the ties ranging from 1 to 1 1/2 inches as string ties.

    During the 50’s that is after the cold war and the Korean War men’s fashion became conservative with tapered pants and smaller lapels. To match these, slimmer ties came into fashion. Ties in black and other dark colors were most preferred by men during this time.

    During the age of rock music, teenagers and young boys looked up for fashion to stars like Elvis Presley. Elvis wore skinny ties, so once again the trend reached to its peak. College students