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Preserve the Glitz of Diamond Jewelry

  • Guard from Scratches: Diamonds can easily develop scratches. To avoid this condition, it is essential that you preserve your jewellery pieces in individual jewellery boxes. Also, while you carry them during travel make sure that you do not dump all pieces in one single box to circumvent scratches. This way, the diamonds will stay intact with its lustre undisturbed.
  • Professional Cleaning is the Prudent Choice: Dust accumulation along the edges of the jewellery where diamonds are encrusted is one major problem that many of us face. Therefore, professional cleaning will be required to retain the shine of your jewellery. It is always advisable that you give your jewels to a professional jeweller to clean for you. With the help of advanced technological machines like ultrasonic and steam cleaners, a professional jeweller will get rid of the dirt build up that don’t go off at ease when you cleanse at home.
  • Home Cleaning Tips: If you feel that professional cleaning methods might be expensive, then you can clean your diamond jewellery from the confines of your home. The only condition is that you ought to do it frequently to preserve its glow. To cleanse diamond jewels at home, you will need a tooth-brush with soft bristles, a mild detergent or liquid soap or non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. In a small dish, add some warm water and a desired cleansing agent to make a fine lather. Put the jewellery pieces in the dish and leave it aside for some time. Using the brush, gently scrub them to do away with the dirt accumulated along the edges. Then, clean the jewels in clean water until they turn fresh as dew drops. Finally, pat dry them with a soft cloth to absorb traces of water. If you follow this method correctly and repeatedly, your diamond jewellery will never lose its sheen!