Sets of Outstanding Clothing Matches

The lovely rabbit fur scarves are suitable for the clothing in the warm color tone. The way of tying with the exposure of one end is not only good for the casual dress, but also suitable for a formal dignified style. It is characterized by the cute appearance and easy to match. If coupled with the formal dress, it can increase the touch of lovely feeling.

You could show up with a Korean fashion style if a scarf is just wrapped a few times around the neck. If you are really a fan of Korean styles, you will present the avant-garde feel from that match.

The knitted long scarf is full of feminine and perfect to go with a sweet little cardigan and skirt. If you like, it can be a charming outfit for the dating.

If the winter clothing goes with a knitted scarf, the overall effect can give you a fresh experience. This scarf can create a feel of slightly fluffy around the neck. If you want to match with outer wear, you should erect the collar and tie the scarf outside so that you will not appear to be bloated.

You may choose the current popular checkered scarf to ease the dull and rigid if the outer wear is too formal. The checkered pattern in green and red is lively and also suitable for the holiday season, such as Christmas and New Year.

The embellishment effect can be highlighted by a simple decoration and different colors can reflect the different layers. If you plan to send a gift to a college student, the striped scarf is absolutely a good choice.

The thick scarf with a small jacket can not only deal with the cold weather, but also decorate the body curve for the shoulder and chest.

The windbreaker is better to go with a red cotton scarf. Naturally hanging both ends of the scarf is a good way to try because it will not be bloated and full of feminine.

The solid color scarf has become a classic match with a little black dress. If coupled with a white coat, the color and layers of the overall outfit can be enriched.

The short outer wear and dress can not be warm enough so a green scarf is necessary to add a sense of hierarchy. It not only plays a role of keeping warm, but also put the finishing touch to the overall outfit.

The above ten examples are only part of terrific clothing match. Once you check your own wardrobe, definitely you can find the unique way to match the scarf with clothing. With the season change, you can change your scarf match accordingly with the following factors: color, pattern, fabric, and size. Also, you can always learn from other people for the current trendy style and there are several platforms you can refer to, such as fashion forum online, fashion magazines, and fashion channel on TV.