Wool Sweaters

It seems likely to change this year, as in September, a campaign called “Wool Week” is expected to encourage fashion retailers to produce more wool sweaters, coats and cardigans. The varieties are endless, lambswool sweaters, crew neck sweaters, wool coats, wool jackets, pea coats, trench coats and duffel coats.

If people knew how frequently woollen items were once seen on individuals some thirty years ago, they might realise the qualities it has. It is durable, and mens sweaters are fast becoming fashion items. Their colours and styles are increasingly worn casually. A good look features men’s casual trousers, brogues, striped shirt and a bright coloured v neck sweater. It may seem slightly outdated, this is not the case. Many celebrities are wearing this look, in the case of Kanye West to coincide with the re-emergence of his career.

Wool is treated with dye to make it colourful and more accessible to younger generation. This will be particularly stylish in the year when it makes a return to the fashion catwalks. Detractors of woollen fashion clothing should consider it might be a learned objection based on the itchy feel association. We can all relate being made to wear an “old man’s sweater” by our parents, and with it a rebellious phase would begin.

Thirty years ago, wool was a once thriving industry. It was so popular, men and women were regularly dressed in crew neck sweaters,wool coats, pea coats and when they were phased, it coincided with commercial washing machines and more man made fibres.

The wool industry is expected to undergo a revival, and this feeling might just see the older image forgotten. Additionally, the environment benefits as widespread use of this natural item would see less waste and prevent more landfills being stuffed with man-made clothing.

The fashion world has only recently embraced wool’s qualities again, and the world will benefit. It is going to be top of the wish list, particularly as fashions incorporate more woolen styles. A wool jacket can be fashionable, as much as a military jacket. Remembering the benefits to the world, and we can all be better off in sweaters and cardigans. The styles have evolved, with zip collar cardigans and preppy styles, it is an exciting time in fashion, and wool is very much a part in that.